Today, exactly 4 Sundays to start mezhdunarodnogo tournament skvoshu Ukrainian Junior Open (SHY) Junior on 11 years and older!

The tournament will be held 2-3 of June in Kiev at: Marshala Koneva 8. FC "Sport Life", Towers will be the location of the competition, where matches will be held. Login for fans of all games – free!

Athletes will compete in age categories U11, U13, U15, U17 and U19, divided into boys and girls.

Ukrainian Junior Open: we form a team 2019 of the year

The organizer of the International tournament UJO acts Squash Federation of Ukraine with the assistance of ESF, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, and Sports Committee of Ukraine.

3 year in a row thanks to the FSO for our juniors have a unique opportunity to take part in their own tournament, the European series. From year to year we organize a tournament in June, thanks to the participation in which all juniors have the opportunity to not only add significant balls to the national rating, and cherished and earn points in the ranking of the European Squash Federation (ESF).

Along with the Ukrainian championship among juniors, UJO is thus Litmus, indicators which will have a decisive influence on the formation of the junior national team 2019 of the year. Winners of the tournament will be considered as the main contenders for participation in the European Team Championship.

Benefits of participation in the Kiev international tournament:

  • Adding points to the European ranking;
  • carried out on the territory of Ukraine, which reduces the cost compared with other countries;
  • the opportunity to compete with other states skvoshistami, and this year we have already signed players from 5 nations.

Ukrainian Junior Open 2018: chance to get a Grand Prix status 2019 year

Contest "open" in the 2018 It was conducted in order to prove the quality of junior squash in Ukraine. They are designed to improve the level of sports competition to the status of Grand Prix, which will in the next year to speak to our children at a higher level with the strongest players in Europe.

UJO also included in the calendar of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. His results are fixed at the state level, and later played a key role in shaping the budget to finance the children's and junior squash in Ukraine 2019 year.

We are together to develop children's and Junior SQUASH IN UKRAINE. And to contribute Become a member UJO 2018. Applications for participation in the competition are accepted by e-mail to 14 May:

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