C 15 by 17 November, the Polish city of Wroclaw held a European tournament squash category Grand Prix Championships. Three days Ukrainian “delegation” held in Poland, collecting awards and medals.

For the first time Ukrainian team brings a number of medals from the tournament. In our piggy bank - 2 gold, 2 silver and 4 European bronze medals coinage.

The fourth tournament of the European level Squash Championships, which was held in Poland, It took place at a very high level. At their disposal, participants received one of the biggest squash arenas in the world - Hasta La Vista, thank for this audience and the organizers of great games.

It can be considered a successful outcome of the Ukrainian team - our juniors won eight medals: a stay in the overall standings in the second position. But they won the tournament hosts in Wroclaw, beating us one medal: Poles took awards in six age groups of ten. It confirmed its status as one of the strongest in Europe and the Czech school squash. This time the Czechs won six medals.

In addition potryasyuschih results, it is worth noting the dynamics of development of each of our juniors. It is not so important result, as progress which shows an athlete. Below we compare the results 2019 and 2018 of the year!

Krykun Anastasia

But back to the Ukrainian juniors. In the final, broke four Ukrainian. 12-summer Krykun Anastasia (category 13 years), for the first time became the winner of international competitions. From Kiev won gold, beating the strongest Polish opponents: 2 seeded and Weronika Zimecka 3/4 seeded Tola Otrząsek score 3:0, as well as the main contenders for gold, compatriot Christina Begeba with result 3:2.

Result 2018 of the year – 12 a place (GU13).

11-summer Christina Begeba (category 13 years), pupil coaches Sergey Zakomlistova and Ahmed Mohammed, respectively, He took second place on the podium, beating rivals from Turkey, Russia and Ukraine (Anna Brylenko) with the score 3:0 in each of the games played. Suddenly, losing in the finals Anastasiia Krykun [9/16] with the score 3-11, 11-2, 12-14, 11-4, 8-11.

Result 2018 of the year – 1 a place (GU11), 10 a place (GU13).

Olga Kotova, Milena Velichko and Sofia Zrazhevskaya

Ukraine brought the second gold Olga Kotova. 8 racket junior to 15 and s 1 seeded 13-year-old Olga Kotova from Kiev (category 15 years) repeated last year's triumph in the Polish tournament. Ward "Children's Academy squash. Towers ", compete PJO four, this time was once again out of competition. Athlete consistently beat rivals not losing not a single match Polish girl Weronika Urbanska [9/16], a Dutch Meike Van Dalen [5/8], and Ukrainian women Sofiia Zrazhevska [3/4] in the semifinals, and Milena Velychko [2] in the final.

Result 2018 of the year – 1 a place (GU13).

17 racket junior to 15 and s 2 seeded Milena Velichko from the Dnieper (category GU15) consolidated last year's result, again winning silver in the Polish tournament. Oleksandr Bulgakov, competed three times PJO, He was in top form and showed one of his best games in the international championship.

In Sunday's final of the 13-year-old skvoshistka, according to the results of played matches won 2 place in the tournament, losing Olga Kotova (1-th seeded) with the score 0:3 (11-7, 11-8, 11-2).

Result 2018 of the year – 2 a place (GU13).

22 racket junior to 15 and s 3/4 seeded 13-year-old Zrazhevska Sofia from the Dnieper (category 15 years) for the first time won the bronze in the Polish tournament. ward Bulgakov, won gold in the beginning of the year in the Austrian Junior Open 2019, this time was once again in top form, cheshek defeating Zuzana Outratová [17/32] и Vendula Boháčová [5/8], and then in the final Sofie Hausknotzová in a long match with a score of 11-7, 9-11, 11-6, 9-11, 11-3.

Result 2018 of the year – 4 a place (GU13).

Yegor Shcherbakov

The culmination of the tournament was anticipated match Yegor Shcherbakov and Nikita Khlus, protruding in the youngest category to 11 years. In Sunday's final of our growing up “squash stars”, 3/4 seeded, according to the results of games played divided 3 place in the tournament.

result in 2018 year: Egor became 17, and Nikita – 9 (BU11).

Dmitry Scherbakov ml.

1 seeded Dmitry Scherbakov ml., number three European ranking, numerous participant Polish Junior Open tournament has finally returned to Ukraine a long-awaited medal. In the piggy bank at Shcherbakova - one gold (2017) and one silver (2016).

This time, Dmitry was a strong contender from Italy Daniele De Bartolomeo (3:0), Ukraine Andrii Tkachuk (3:0) and Filip Stolecki from Poland (3:0). but, athlete in the semi-finals with a score of 0:3 (7-11, 9-11, 9-11) conceded Alex Finished [3/4] from the Czech Republic.

Result 2018 of the year – 8 a place (BU15).

Tverdohleb Vladislav

In the junior category up 17 s bronze received constant participant PJO 15-year-old Vladislav Tverdohleb from the Dnieper. Student of Alexander Bulgakov Polish court literally tore every game from their opponents. Ukrainian controlled the situation during all three matches. And the game itself turned out to be a lovely sight: Men shock, practically, an equal chance of success, although somewhere more precisely and persistently had a rival.

  • 1 round: vladislava Tverdochleb – Giulia Semprini (Italy): 10-12, 6-11, 11-9, 11-9, 6-11.
  • 1/2 finals: Eveli Mälk (Estonia) – vladislava Tverdochleb: 11-6, 6-11, 9-11, 11-8, 11-8.
  • finale: Sophia John (England) – vladislava Tverdochleb: 6-11, 11-6, 9-11, 12-14.

Result 2018 of the year – 2 a place (GU15).

I remained without awards in the category of up to 15 years old and the reigning champion of Ukraine in the category of up to 15 years – Radionov Timofey. our sportsman, He took pride 4 place in his age group. Experienced international tournaments of such rank 14-year-old Timothy Not only He ascended the pedestal prize, but also improved his last year's result on 13 positions.

Overall, acted in Wroclaw 38 Participants from Ukraine. Among the other athletes have become the most successful games Donika Victoria (GU11), Babi Alexandra (GU11), Anna Tarasova (GU11), Gulyayeva Anna (GU15) and Brilenko Helena (GU17), and Sperchun Miroslavы (GU11), who finished fifth, sixth, the 7th, eighth and ninth place, respectively.

Results of other athletes from Ukraine in Polish Polish Junior Open 2019 GP:

  • Roman Shkarupylo (BU11) – 11 a place.
  • Samsonov Peter (BU11) – 28 a place.
  • Bodnaruk Maria (GU11) – 12 a place.
  • Andrushko Nazar (VU13) – 20 a place.
  • David Zaicenko (BU13) – 25 a place.
  • Orhan Džandan Timur (VU13) – 26 a place.
  • Artem Panchenko (VU13) – 27 a place.
  • Anna Brilenko (GU13) – 10 a place.
  • Chaplynskaya Vladislav (GU13) – 11 a place.
  • Koshevaya Julian (GU13) – 14 a place.
  • Kuzymenko Sofia (GU13) – 15 a place.
  • Glushchenko Lukyan (BU15) – 12 a place.
  • Tkachuk Andrew (BU15) – 13 a place.
  • Kaufman Ilya (BU15) – 20 a place.
  • Anisimov Vladimir (BU15) – 25 a place.
  • Zhdanov Vladislav (BU15) – 38 a place.
  • Bugaev Valery (GU15) – 17 a place.
  • Oleg Pozdnyakov (BU17) – 15 a place.
  • Tymoshchuk Matthew (BU17) – 16 a place.
  • Girik Elizabeth (GU17) – 11 a place.
  • Anisimova Yuliya (GU17) – 16 a place.
  • Irina Vashchuk (GU17) – 17 a place.

Tournament results Polish Junior Open GP 2019.

Now Ukrainian skvoshisty preparing for the next competition - Ukraine Junior Championships, which will take place 07-08 in Kiev on December.

Congratulations to the athletes and wish them further success!

© Anna Tesleva

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