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On the last weekend in Poland was one of the biggest international youth tournaments, which is attended by nearly two hundred skvoshistov from ten countries. Ukraine on the «Polish Junior Open» was represented by seven players, and each of them was able to leave its mark in these competitions.

15085645_1612403362387985_1273292259494461627_nYoung Ostap Bylyaev and Olga Kotova risked immediately be declared in two categories - U-11 and U-13. Giving all the power in each of the matches, they were able to express themselves and there, and there. More adept at high-level performances Biljana easily won the junior category, simultaneously dealing with the older rivals. In the U-13, it could only be stopped at the quarterfinals, and then "Word wave" from Lviv was not going to give up. čehu Faridu Faragu Ostap had to fight with all five games, before he was able to cope with the Ukrainian. by the way, this game Farag took away all the forces - the match for fifth place, he lost. According to the results, Beal returned home with a gold medal of the U-11 category, and honorable seventh place U-13 category (Ostap last match was canceled - the third seeded Pole Gernas Nathaniel withdrew from the competition after losing in 1/4 our final Dmitry Shcherbakov).

14639698_1612489549046033_1856298933254603825_nIN Kotovoj the achievement of a more modest. Tournament she started not too well, losing start meeting in both categories. But then Olga gained confidence and began to beat all the right and left. In the U-11 category has twice defeated housewives courts (Nell Dykchik and Susanne Gura did not even resist this onslaught, sometimes enjoying at least a pair of glasses, scored in each of the games played,). And then transferred to the confidence and the game U-13 category. The only pity, Olga that the surge of activity occurred at that time, when she dropped out of the fight for the medals of the competition. true, there is justification - for example, in the U-13 category, she began fighting with the match against the future winner of the tournament and the hostess courts March fuqaha, which had the second seeded, so that failure in this confrontation is understandable.

14993428_1612408005720854_6267347622893357138_nThe U-13 is not only well-made Biljana. Ukraine in this category were also Oleg Pozdnyakov and Dmitry Scherbakov, Jr.. Первый попросту не успел войти в ритм первенства и в стартовом поединке против чеха Martin Stephen's I managed to take only one game, automatically continuing the struggle only for 17th place. Even when Oleg came across very serious contenders, But Ukrainians have enough character not to give up and to fight for every point. And in the fight for the lead in the second half of the standings, he has achieved the maximum, losing only in the final match for the 17th place Alex Chelaru from the Czech Republic. By the way, Chelaru originally was the second in this tournament seyannym, so that nothing offensive to defeat this opponent is not - it is rather let himself Czech reflects, how he managed, It is one of the favorites of the championship, suddenly appear outside the Top 16.
For some failure of his countrymen got even fully Dmitry Shcherbakov. He did not even notice the course of three Polish skvoshistov, simply having flown in the semi-finals. Only there had to fight really. Sweden Jonathan Эdvardsson pooped Ukrainian, playing with him all five games in a designated regulations, and four of them dependent on the end result of all pairs of punches. properly, and this game has become a real gem of this category - both in terms of voltage, and quality shown squash. After this battle, none of the rival forces to further the struggle to have - Shcherbakov He lost in the final of the first racket of the Pole Yakubu Gogol, a Edvardsson in three games gave the bronze medal to his compatriot Karl Bundi. But each of them has a right to be proud passed by, and Ukrainian fans - and even "silver", conquered our player.

15178156_1612405512387770_694546030924231286_nIn the U-15 category Ukraine was represented by Julius Laukart. Of the five games played, he won three meetings, taking only the eleventh place, but then you should pay attention to the score in those games, he lost. Julius forced Cech Achim Mracek spend at overcoming 1/8 finals of all five parties, during otygryvayas account 1:2, and in each of the last two games in the fate of the match hung in the balance - here can be attributed to the success of the Czech elementary skvoshista. The same applies to Lubos Walter - He won Laukarta with the score 3:0, but none of the parties was given to him easily, and starting and all ended tiebreak. Whatever it was, Julius He finished the tournament in high spirits, winning the last meeting the owner of courts Yakub Vozhivodki.

15178130_1612408812387440_8097269306392944059_n-1Two Ukrainian skvoshista represented our country in the U-17 category. Daniel slutty It began its journey from the first round, calmly walked Pole Leon Dyboha, but then on his way stood the second seeded Benjamin Bergel, which it was extremely difficult to cope. His game Daniel I felt only in the final day of competition, when in the match for 15th place he managed to overcome Robert Yanasevicha. His compatriot Artur Sikora He achieved more. High seeded Ukrainian allowed to start immediately with the 1/8 final - until the semi-finals Arthur rivals on the court simply did not see. Only one step away from the final Sikore I had to enter into a real fight - he opposed the first racket of the tournament Maximilian Vielgus. Pole justified its title of the competition favorite, but how dearly it was given to him! Arthur literally izmochalil opponent, forcing him to extricate himself from the situation with the score 0:2. Yes, and in the remaining three games he did not give Vyelhusu a second vacation - here in the enemy Sikora played native walls of the club «Hasta La Vista». The defeat only added Arthur fighting spirit, and he fully bounced back on Sunday on German Maurice Hamann, wearing absolutely deserved the bronze medal of the tournament in Wroclaw.

We state: each of the seven Ukrainians, who came to the game "Polish Junior Open», I was able to remember and show a vivid game (not even speaking about, what Biljana, Shcherbakov and Sikora brought home the medals of the championship). And these events have become a splendid dress rehearsal for the upcoming 3-4 December championship of Ukraine among juniors.

The results of the Ukrainians on the «Polish Junior Open» -2016 (Wroclaw, Poland)


author: Music Alexander

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