FROM 1.01.2018 year began to operate the new accounting rules rating tournament, held under the auspices of squash Federation of Ukraine.

The credit rating go 8 the best performances of the player over the last 12 months. In this way, in the General list each player retains all its performances in the tournaments, but count only the best 8 over the past year. The rating is divided into several types depending on the category of participants.

FSU_26.03.2016_den3_fin2633webStars out ABOUT (men) – it is a separate category, where are our best squashily, as a rule, professional players and coaches.

Rating Lovers – includes performances of participants in all Amateur categories: M1, M2 and M3. When calculating the points according to the results of, points earned in tournaments go with different coefficients in the overall standings. Since M1 players get their points ratio 10, players M2 – 1, and the players M3 -0,1. Thus all participants in the Amateur categories, making a total Amateur ranking.

fsu_25.03.2016_1946In women, there is one overall ranking in that category included the results of performances Lady (a high level of skill) ratio 10 and the Lady-2 (beginners and intermediate level) with cal. – 1.

Children and youth rating being in the categories to 11, to 13, to 15, to 17 years and 19 years.

The credit rating go 4 the best result for the last player performances 12 months. In this way, in the General list each player retains all its performances in the tournaments, but count only the best 4 over the past year.

Upon reaching the age of transition from the younger age categories in the senior age category rating following calculation rules apply:

  1. If the athlete has not played in the older age category, then the transition is carried 50% points for every tournament junior category to complement the number of tournaments to 4, until 4 tournaments played in the new category.
  2. If the athlete has a current rating in the older age category, but no 4 tournaments, then going from the younger age group to the older category is transferred 50% rating, the missing number of tournaments.
  3. If the athlete has a current rating in the older age category and has 4 tournament, then going from the younger age category glasses are not tolerated.

Also a significant impact on the amount earned in the tournament has a ranking points category of tournament.

Competitions are 5 category:

  • National category - a factor in the calculation of the rating 1,5.
  • Category "A" - ratio 1.
  • Category "B" - factor 0,75
  • Category "C" - factor 0,5
  • Category «D» - factor 0,25

National category – at 2018 This year the Championship of Ukraine, Cup of Ukraine and the Ukrainian championship among juniors.

Category A – This PSA tournaments and commercial tournaments with prize money of at least 10,000 UAH.

category B,FROM – is open Club.

category D – a tournament the club values.

FSU_26.03.2016_den3_fin2555By selecting any of the player and clicking on the amount of rating you can see the tournaments, bold, that counts, and the rest of the tournaments, not in bold, which do not fall in the standings, but in which you participated. Also decoding of the rating lets you see, what place you won in its category at each tournament, as well as data for all tournaments 01.01.2015 c. When updating the rating, as it was before, tournaments, which has been more than 12 months, cease to get in rating credit. We hope that this will make the rating more objective and will reduce the dependence of the places in the ranking of the number of tournaments played.

Your suggestions and comments about ranking email it to OFS:

We wish all participants new victories and advance in ranking!