Until the end of the judging committee of the FSO of the current year is planned a few projects, aimed at the development of refereeing in Ukraine:

  1. Additional testing participants passed judicial seminars.
  2. Conducting 2 workshops for judging levels: "Judge Jr. / token", "Judge of the first category".
  3. Start «Judges Marathon", etc..

candidates, which have been successfully tested within the previous two judicial seminars, received the required number of matches protocols (20) and submitted them to the FOS, can get the initial judging category – "Junior judge / token" and a certificate, pre becoming an associate member of the FSO.

candidates, who participated in the seminars, but do not pass the test, can take it to the FOS office at Blvd.. Lesya Ukrainka, 34, office 311 on the following dates:

And group – 17 November 2015 year 11:00 to 12:00 (Tuesday)

second group – 26 November 2015 year 16:00 to 17:00 (Thursday)

To participate in the testing necessary to 13 November 2015 , inclusive, write an email with the subject info@squash.ua "Refereeing. Testing "marked, which group you prefer (seats Group limited). Also need to provide 20 protocols you served matches.

Certified Judges category "junior judge / marker" will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop next level, which is scheduled for December this year,, on easy terms. Details of the workshop will be announced later.

If you have any questions about the refereeing, you want to improve your knowledge of the rules of squash, or you want to become a judge, but do not know, where to start - write an email info@squash.ua with the theme of "judging", and we will help you.

Professional refereeing in Ukraine have!

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