The main tools for group lessons squash

In order for the, to play squash needed 4 things. This ball, racket, glasses and a desire. Pick up clothes must be the most comfortable. Usually, this T-shirt, Shorts and t-shirt guys with a skirt for girls. Not superfluous will be special bandage on his head and wrists. Besides, Wear protective goggles, that will safeguard your eyes from hitting the ball.

What you need to squash?

1101. Squash Racket – All rackets manufacturers can be divided into two groups - purely skvoshevye company, specializing mainly in the design and manufacture of rackets for squash, and large multinational corporations, produces various sports equipment, incl. and squash.

The first group includes such well-known brands in the world of squash, how Tecnifibre, Karakal, Salming, Eye, BlackKnight, Harrow. To the second - Prince, Dunlop, Head, Wilson.

myach_dlya_igry_v_skvosh_srednij_abs-k2. Ball – balls on the special label is applied- score:

  • two yellow- for professionals;
  • one yellow- training ball, ball cold rooms and glass courts;
  • red dot- training;
  • special "blue" balls – for children, they are larger and easier to see.

zc1506_neu44156_zoom3. Point – strict requirement to play squash with glasses applies only to juniors 18 years. But, it is your safety!


supplementary (recommended) equipment for group lessons squash