About all the growing popularity of squash much has already been said in the Ukraine. Another proof of this progress is the appearance of new courts to practice your favorite sport. And most importantly - squash continues to grow strongly, not only in the capital of Ukraine, but in other regions of the country. By the end of last year there were more than sixty outdoor courts at various clubs in thirteen cities of Ukraine, many of them also take various categories tournaments, until international. And now the turn put into operation a few more courts for squash.

In Dnepropetrovsk club «Health&Rackets» (st. Marie Curie,5), more than a year conducting a traditional competition among fans «Dnepr Squash Tour», An increasing number of players had to huddle on only two courts. Starting this year, engage squash will be much more convenient - the club already being completed third court. This means, that the queues for employment squash becomes less. And the work will be more comfortable.

DSC_0010- The idea to increase the number of courts and three we had for a long time, - Commented on the event one of the masterminds of the Dnepropetrovsk squash Alexander Bulgakov. - And now, its implementation has become simply necessary. Number of people, wishing to engage in squash, It grew so, that two courts have simply can not handle the load. Sign up for a training session at peak times - in the morning before 12:00 and in the second half of the day after 15:00 - It is almost impossible, so that the third will be for the Court of Dnipropetrovsk can be very useful. For the construction we have agreed with fitness section in our club, she rented a place in the court. Now «Health&Rackets »will be able to take more willing.

This is beneficial also from the other side, that more players can participate in our tournaments held, and the format of the competition will undergo a change for the better - for example,, add new categories. Of course, we do not Kiev, where squash lovers disproportionately, but now I feel, that is not far off the time, when you have to think about the construction of new courts. And I'm glad, that other clubs are also now looking for opportunities to expand - it says only that, that we are all working in the right direction.

Yes, despite all the work, we are doing to promote squash in Ukraine, for many people, this sport is, if not a stranger, it simply exotic. Plus add to that economic circumstances, aggressive environment. Can, so the development of squash in Ukraine is not so fast, as, let us say, more economically stable Poland. However, Judging by our club, Now Ukrainians began to pay more time to his physical health. After all, we have not only the squash section full of willing, I'm talking about and aerobics, Spa, fitnesse… maybe, just the current situation in the country does not allow people to travel around the lazy tourists to foreign countries, but it allows them to maintain physical fitness in sports clubs. Whatever it was, We are always happy to help the Ukrainians in their efforts, and increasing the number of squash courts - one of the steps to this.

However, the real breakthrough in the Ukrainian squash was the construction of a new club in Lviv. only five sites was before three of the fitness center in the western capital of Ukraine for training squash. Thanks to the initiative of local fans of this sport their number should be doubled. One of the best players of Lviv and a direct participant in the process Basil Bessarabov shared his plans for the future of Lviv squash:

IMG_8658- The new club will be located on the territory of TEC "Southern" on the street Schiretskoy, 36. We are planning the construction of five-six courts, two of which are already technically ready for commissioning. It will be called according to the direction of his work - "Squash Center". Territorial courts are above the exhibition hall in the parking lot of TCEs "Southern", the owner is Peter Ivanovich Pisarchuk there already is open and closed soccer field, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, boxing school A.Kotelnyka, Olympus fitness center V.Rekshi, table tennis, swimming pool, Spa Center "Three Elements", gym Grace, school of ballroom and modern dance, etc.-it is all an enthusiast of sports and healthy lifestyle. And thank you so much as a PI Pisarchuk, and all the staff of TEC "South" for the implementation of this project and contribute to the development of Ukrainian squash.


    IMG_8644Why do so many courts? The fact is, that squash in Lviv developing very rapidly. A couple of years ago, when opened the first court in the club "Formula Crazy", about the sport we know the strength of the two dozen people. A year later network «Sport Life» at the opening of its two fitness centers do not hesitate to put them on the two new courts - from those who did not have lights out. It can be said, people came to get acquainted with a new game, and so on the courts and remained, then they bring their friends friends, relatives… Squash did not leave anyone indifferent. Judge for yourself, Only in the last year in the same «Sport Life», apart from regular customers, by guest card just came more than five hundred new fans of the sport squash! So what about the feasibility of construction of such a complex, as "Squash Center", the question is not even standing. Hope, Lviv in the near future be able to take the second place in the number of fans of squash - Kiev still out of competition. And there, we hope, just around the corner and carrying out large-scale (and not only internal) tournaments.

    Needless to say such a boom due to the proximity of Lviv to Poland, where the organization of games of squash delivered in a big way. Honestly, Lviv delegation is hardly more than once had the opportunity to get together and go to the neighbors to the tournament. We only perceive this country, as an example for others to follow. It's just a sport - do not fall in love with him is simply impossible.

    Journalist: Alexander Music

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