AT 2019 year international tournament takes place from 3 by 6 October Sweden, Games began on Thursday (Today) and will last for 4 consecutive days. Participants will be divided into 9 category. Tournament matches will be held over four days of play - from Thursday to Sunday in the territory courts Hyllie Sportcenter.

Our country in Sweden are regular participants of international competitions - Dmitry Shcherbakov and Laukart Julius, and rising “stars” Ukrainian squash, very young – Egor Sherbakov and Zaichenko David. The list of participants is quite experienced and strong, so we look forward to prizes at the Nordic.

In the first game day Ukrainians spend 1 match. Today in the Nordic Junior Squash Open play Dmitry Shcherbakov, athlete seeded 3/4 number. His first opponent will be the Dane Mikkel Lund Jensen [17/32].

David Zaicenko [9/16] (BU11|13) and Yegor Shcherbakov (BU11|BU13) start their games at the tournament for the second day in the first half ... we expect them to start and look forward to good results.

Watch young rivals on Thursday will be a senior one and more experienced participant in international championships Julius Laukart. 17/32 seeded Julius will start Friday's game (04.10.2019) in the afternoon in the category BU19.

© Anna Tesleva

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