This week in the Polish city of Bielsko-Biala continues World Junior Championships, which lasts for 12 days - from 6 by 17 August. It takes a huge amount of participation of young skvoshistov. The first week was devoted to the struggle in the individual standings, and already the weekend the battle will take command. Final results of the first half of the championship were not sensational, given the fact, in a fight held every match - on it and the World Cup, to keep the audience in suspense from beginning to end.

13934974_1038186832903129_443028705853125467_nOnly in men's competition was declared more than a hundred athletes. The first round passed without surprises - all of it seeded players passed, so that the rest had to fight just for the right to play with them in the next stage of the championship. Since the forces are equal, that there has not been without tie-breaks, bringing the fight to the fifth installment, but interest in these games cause more skvoshistov in themselves and their support groups. The first thunder in the next round, when the fight came seeded - Englishman Tom Walsh in a tense fight knocked out of the tournament Egyptian Ziad Sakra, who had 9-12 seeded. After losing the first game in the "more-less" with a score of 11:13, Walsh took the next three games and went into 1/16 finals. Rest of the top seeding at this stage with the opponents have not experienced problems.

The next day individual tournament marked superiority over the Asians representatives of other continents. Mass struggle had left Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders, at the same time they left the tournament three more scattered Player. in 1/8 skvoshisty finals made their way from Pakistan, India and Egypt - from Europe were only two players from France and England (including Walsh), from anyone other continents. Before the quarterfinals, and I got all but one member of the Old World - Frenchman Benjamin Aubert. From a distance came Walsh, certainly satisfied with this progress in this championship, his compatriot Charlie Lee Frenchman Victor Croix. As for Asians, is shot on the eve of Pakistanis also suffered losses, leaving only fight his strongest player Israr Ahmed, which took the third seeded.

And after the quarter-finals of the last European Championship lost. Aubert had a great game against sowing the leader Saadeldina Abuaisha from Egypt, course of the meeting led by party 2:1, but the last game played not the best way. In deciding the Frenchman made a real hunt for an opponent, and everything is solved, each firing in. Alas, in the lottery was stronger than all the Egyptians, who took the game by a score 11:9. Total fight lasted 80 minutes, as after the meeting and said Abuaish: «I had never spent such matches - as many, so complicated». properly, this confrontation tempered Saadeldina. Since the semi-final he lost just Pakistani Ahmed 44 minutes.

13924958_1042276409160838_2419746957163044400_nHowever, similar hardening got his future rival in the finals Malaysian Eain Iou a, who had the second seeded. The penultimate match against Youssef Ibrahim It was like a thriller, in which all solved correctly chosen strategy. Taking two games in the tiebreak, Eayn Yo Hb allowed himself a brief respite in the third, then able to finish the job. And being in such good shape, Malaysian easily able to overcome in the finals with a score of Abuaisha 3:1 (11:3, 9:11, 11:7, 11:5).

No less interesting and outstanding play in the women's championship. true, and in it the role of the first violins, as a result, played representative of Egypt. However, in the final without surprises - Apart Gokhar It confirmed its title of sowing the leader, in the final peace deal with his compatriot Rowan Elaraby - 3:0 (11:5, 11:6, 11:7). 13895179_1042276955827450_7095689683768434550_nThus it became the fourth Gohar skvoshistkoy, wins at the World Championships more than once, joining such legends Junior squash, as Nicol David, Early el veleje i Nur el-Sherbini. To honor her rival worth mentioning, that Elaraby it was the first World Cup in his career, besides it Gohar under two years, in junior squash is quite an important factor. And its the finals is a very good indicator.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian squash at this championship was not submitted, However, many fans of the sport still went to Poland, to plunge into the atmosphere of one of the most prestigious tournaments of the world and watch the stunning game world of the best juniors.

Now the World Cup 2016 team championship started. 21 the team will fight for the title of best team of the year. The favorites of the competition is traditionally considered Egypt, Pakistan, France, England and India. However, the first half of the championship is already accustomed to the fact, that the surprise may present any player, even from the national team of Zimbabwe and Guatemala, even if they do not have such high seeding rates. Matches in six groups have already begun, and yet do without surprises, but who knows, what will happen, barely finished the group stage and will begin playoff game.

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