Professional Squash Association (PSA) I took another step towards the unification of men's and women's games: for the first time male and female rankings were calculated according to the same criteria.

“The main aim of creating a single governing body for the management of male and female squash was to promote the sport forward and creating common criteria for games” – says the executive director of the PSA Alex Gough.

Recall, the first global changes, when it was decided to reduce the height of the bottom out with 19 to 17 inches for women's game, the most important thing was liquidated, a fundamental difference of male and female squash.

The changes were made and “formula” counting rating. Now it looks as follows:: the total amount of points dialed player per season is divided by a factor (divider). This ratio is equal to 8 not yet passed 11 tournaments; 9 until it is played 13 tournaments, etc..

Change the World Women's rankings also affected ranking points at tournaments of the World Series and World Cup. earlier, It was 5300 and 4800 points for the winners of the Women's World Cup tournaments and World Series respectively. Now, women can earn a 2890 score at the World Cup and 2625 at tournaments of the World Series.

20160801102319_psa_women-rankings_Aug16Changes in the world ranking system raise 8 times the World Cup Nicol David in the top 3 best players. №1 American Amanda Sobhy goes down the rating by two notches and takes place №8 PSA rating table. Annie Au rises to rankings 1 stage, thereby closing the top 10.

The top 20, Alison Waters rises to 2 stage and takes place №11, while Joshna Chinappa falls from 10-ki leaders and takes place №12. World Cup 2007 Rachael Grinham, the second time in 19 s career falls out of the top 20 and takes place №23 PSA rating table.

20160801095442_psa_men_rankings_Aug16As for the World Men's rankings, the top 20 changes have occurred. It should be noted Mexican Fernando Magdaleno, which failed after getting into the tournament semifinals BTMI Barbados Open to fly up to the rating table 94 steps and take place №336. Blow up the World Rankings also managed Englishman Laurence Green and American Spencer Lovejoy. Green rises on 94 steps to place №360, while Lovejoy is moved to №401 №318 place.

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