Last week was a momentous event for the Ukrainian squash - four players officially received the title of master of sports of Ukraine. They were the leaders of the male and female teams of Ukraine, winners of national championships in different years Konstantin Rybal'chenko, Denis homestead, Liana Sardak and Alina Bushma. For all the official existence of squash in our country, the emergence of the concept of "Master of Sports Squash" was the first in its history - and was approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.


There are certain rules for applying for the title of master of sports, and in this sense Squash Federation of Ukraine has done a great job - now we can say that, squash that at the official level in the country has risen to a new level. A, so, efforts and achievements as our athletes, and administration rewarded handsomely. However, its "crust" the above-mentioned players have not because, what they achieved in the past years,, but only for medals, obtained on recently held the individual championship of Ukraine 2017. But that the value of this event, no less.

«Very glad to receive certificates. I want to thank the FSO for suffering in its decoration. I hope I still have the strength and desire to please yourself and squash fans a great game», - he wrote on his page on the social media champion of Ukraine 2017 Denis homestead.

Also pleased with my family and the champion of Ukraine 2017 among women Liana Sardak. At least, delighted with the recognition of the effort was her mother Laura: «I want to share my joy and great news - it's a great gift from my daughter! Their hard work, step by step, she went to his dream and achievements. These were very difficult steps, sometimes despair and the pain was suspended and slowed path, but faith, perseverance and unconquerable spirit fills you with strength, my swallow, my joy and my happiness! liana, I thank you for all, what you've done and are doing in your life. You fill me bright and pure forces of life. You inspire me and my life. You make me happy every day. I love you and appreciate all, what are you doing. Immensely proud of you!».

Denis homestead, Liana Sardak, Konstantin Rybal'chenko and Alina Bushma

Captain of the national team of Ukraine Konstantin Rыbalychenko I had the ceremony of awarding certificates between the two won the tournament in Hungary and France. note, This is the second title of Master of Sports for him - before, I get carried away squash, Rybal'chenko awarded the same title in table tennis. Well, and it should be noted that, that the youngest of the first masters of the sport of squash has become Alina Bushma. AT 16 years Alina already has considerable experience of victories in international tournaments and could soon represent Ukraine at the World Games in Wroclaw. Generally, should confess, that awards found their heroes. properly, Our country has a lot of players, worthy at this level of recognition - however, there is still a lot of interesting events, Ukrainian championships. And with the support and hard work Squash Federation of Ukraine, we hope, they will be able to achieve its. the main thing, that the start has been, squash and it was now recognized as one of the most popular sports in our country.

also note, that after the appearance on the national level the notion of "squash master of sports' federation immediately continued its work with regard to graduation and other levels. Now consider the list of players for the title of "Candidate Master of Sports". Receiving this recognition will greatly facilitate the task of improving discharge when submitting future applications to the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the "masters".

Ranks MMR Ukraine squash got titled Ukrainian athletes


The leading coach-house teams of the national teams of Ukraine for non-Olympic sports (which include squash, sumo, Sambo, parachuting, darts, tug of war, and many others) Andrew Rebrin and I was glad, that Ukrainian skvoshisty finally gained recognition at the level of Ministry of Youth and Sports and the entire state as a whole:

«Sports title of "Master of Sports of Ukraine" this year was given immediately, as soon as the requirements have been met Unified Sports Classification Ukraine. In addition to his own pride and respect for colleagues, this title gives allowance to the salary in the amount of 10%, if the athlete works in the sphere of physical culture, privileges for admission to the university, and so on».

He told Andrew A. and of its relation to squash: «Very nice to me playing sports, I have a positive attitude to squash, I want and will contribute to the development of the sport. As a child, I was engaged in table tennis, He was a champion of the field, so I understand the concept of squash. It is necessary to open more halls with courts, pay attention to the development of the sport and its popularization in the country, to raise the skill level of the athletes, intensify training work in sports organizations (Coach). I myself also, Unfortunately, squash played, but soon happy to try to play and learn in depth the sport».

Rebrin also reminded that, that a month later in late July Ukrainian skvoshisty play in our delegation at the Tenth World Games, which will be held in Poland: «Who makes every effort to prepare athletes for the Games,- organized and held training camps. I wish our delegation team of Ukraine to get as many wins in all kinds of sport performance, including in squash».

Terms pAssignment to sports titles in the non-Olympic sports

"Candidate Master of Sports of Ukraine"

3-4 place - championship of Ukraine;

1-2 place - the championship of Ukraine among juniors older age group;

1 place - in international competitions, which are held on the territory of Ukraine.

"Master of Sports of Ukraine"

1-2 place - championship of Ukraine;

1 place - in the Ukrainian Cup final;

1-3 place - at the World Junior Championships in the individual or the team as a program;

1-2 place - at the European Junior Championships in the individual or the team as a program.

"Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine"

1-3 place - at the World Games;

1 place - at the world championships (at least twice)

2-3 place - at the world championships (at least three times)

“International Master of Sports of Ukraine”

4-6 seats – at the World Games for non-Olympic sports;

1-3 seats – at the World Championships in the individual form of the program;

1-2 seats – at the European Championships in the individual form of the program;

1-2 seats – at the World Championships in the team as a program;

1 a place – at the European Championships in the team as a program.

Note: The prerequisites are the participation of a competitor in the relevant sporting events as part of a separate official delegation of the Ukrainian national team, Minmolodsporta decree approved in the prescribed manner, as well as the presence of one sports discipline representatives of not less than 14 nations.

© Aleksandr Muzyka

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