Squash Federation of Ukraine together with the club “5 Element” within the framework of the development program with squash 17.01.2016 года продолжает еженедельно проводить мастер-классы для детей и взрослых.

Master classes will be conducted by trainers Ctefano Galifi.

Venue of the master class:

c. Kiev, st. electricians 29 A, club "5 Element".

The timing of the master class:

for children – every Sunday 11:00 – 13:00;

adult – every Wednesday 13:00 – 14:00.

Filing an application:

Applications for participation in the master class children are accepted by everyone (the child must have shoes, not dye floor, racquet and goggles);

Applications for participation in the master class for adults are taken in the presence of NMF membership.

Write to participate in master classes conducted by the office Squash Federation of Ukraine by e-mail: info@squash.ua, phone: 044 359 09 55.

Terms of stay on the territory of the club:

For the participants of the master class, non-members of the club “5 Element” You need to pay 50 UAH (visit the dressing rooms of the club, towels).

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