As noted earlier Federation work has been formalized through the establishment of appropriate committees, in particular - Judging Committee FSU (The Committee further). It was headed by Alexey Usenko, with implementation of projects helps him Love Toskhoparan. And now on the committee, together with the President of the Federation held its meeting last week,, where participants discussed key issues for the development of refereeing in Ukraine, and approved the preliminary plan of work until the end of the year. Refereeing in Ukraine is divided into two areas: amateur (for the refereeing at the mini-club tournaments or competitions squash-time format) and professional (training of judges in line with European and international standards).
Open Cup of Ukraine Squash 2015 of the year, as well as other tournaments, showed, that the level of refereeing in Ukraine is still low. Accordingly, the Committee will intensify its activities on the training of judges.
As part of the professional judging Federation was held previously 2 workshop, the results of which 21 people have successfully passed the written exam (testing). After passing the practical part (practical refereeing), All candidates will receive a certificate of category judges "junior judge / marker".
In the future, the Committee plans to organize and hold seminars for different level of refereeing, including the attraction of foreign professional judges. In the near future we will be conducted additional testing for all who want to get the initial judging category to participate in the next seminar.
Follow the news from the Committee, as well as progress reports every Tuesday in "judging" OFS site. If you have suggestions for the development of refereeing in Ukraine - please send them by e-mail with the theme of "judging". We also invite associate members of the Federation - wishing to develop refereeing in Ukraine, our team.

Professional refereeing in Ukraine have!

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