European Team Championship in the first and second divisions is over. The national team of Ukraine, participating in similar tournaments just for the twelfth time, more asserted in the status of the top twenty teams of the Old World. Little of, we repeated the success 2014 of the year, produced in Riccione - occupied 17 a place.


This result is really deserved. Of course, chance of reaching the core group we had. If the party against the recent First Division match for Wales Ukrainians still too early, the Israelis could beat, thereby hitting the top eight. However, the heavy and starting match, that it just starting to get involved in the process. maybe, whether the schedule is made up differently, and we play against Israel on the second day of competitions, Ukrainian team with honor have withstood the test. However, history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood.

But in the matches for 9-12 seats Denis homestead companions were in all its glory, not giving opponents a hint of victory. That all of them waiting for the fans, and they lived up to expectations Tribune. Well I made Valery Fedoruk. Suppose that in this championship and he has not won a single game, however, we note, that in three of the four games he conceded only in the fifth, deciding game. what, yet again, He says it skvoshiste, as a true professional and a player with an incredible character and a desire to go to the end. Konstantin Rыbalychenko and Ruslan Sorochinskiy We felt a little less stress, It is only the third and fourth teams rackets, but our task at the appropriate level. A 19-year-old Dmitry Pogrebnyak while only gaining experience, but you can be sure - in the near future it is a worthy replacement for the national team of their elders.

In many ways, this achievement has been produced thanks to the support of compatriots, that a large group came to Warsaw to support team. Among them were the women's team and players, which only recently appeared on the European Team Championships in his division. And the support of fellow member in the common cause only spurred our guys to play better and better with each game day.

Ahead of the summer our players individual tournaments. And closer to autumn under the auspices of the WSF will be held next major championships. In September will be an individual and club championships of Europe (Prague and Pontefract, respectively). And there, we hope, our players will be able to once again demonstrate, how strong today Ukrainian squash.


Konstantin Rыbalychenko, captain of the national team of Ukraine:

"The tournament was very professional. It turned out perfectly - the organizers have made every effort to carry out, and teams brought back the best players in their countries. The atmosphere on the courts was sports, emotional and gambling. All "were cut" one hundred per cent. As a result, remarkable not only went finals, but merely playing for places. Yes, actually every day were very entertaining game. It turned out to be a terrific match for 3 a place, in which the Scots defeated the Germans. Tension persisted in it until the final draw.

We have been preparing for this tournament since the beginning of 2016 year and, eventually, could take 17 a place. I think, This excellent result. Faced with the team objectives were met. Each player showed his maximum - in technical terms,, and morally. I want to congratulate my colleagues on the team with a successful result and thank you for your dedication, patience and the will to win. We really worked as one for precompetitive preparation and throughout the championship. As captain of the team wanted to focus on the maximum players in squash and a good result. I am sure, that it happened.

In the group stage all contestants were good European level. We have tried to take from them each draw. Unfortunately, lacked skills, but the games with such strong opponents, then gave us confidence for the games 9-12 seats.

Special thanks to our support team, the, who watched our games online, as well as Ukraine Squash Federation. This emotional invaluable contribution to our success ".


- This was the twelfth presentation of the Ukrainian team at the European Team Championships (not counting games in the now defunct European Cup, subsequently transformed into a third division). At the start in the championship for himself 2005 , Ukrainians took 20 a place. only in 2008 and 2009 gg. Ukraine falls outside the top twenty. The highest achievement - final 17 a place (20014 and 2016 gg.);

– for 12 years in the national team acted 13 Players - Roman Dolinič, Alexander Moloduha, Ilya Onishko, Dmitry Shcherbakov, Artem Shandybin, Ruslan Sorochinskiy, Viktor Kovalchuk, Alexey Davidenko, Konstantin Rыbalychenko, Denis homestead, Valery Fedoruk, Alex Kowalski and Dmitry Pogrebnyak. Today's four main homestead-Fedoruk, Sorochinskiy Rybal'chenko-acting team with Euro 2010;


- Ukrainian team played five meetings - two in the group stage (against Israel and Wales) and a group of three 9-12 seats (against Norway, Croatia and Poland). In the first two squashed, in the remaining three - won;

- Twenty games our players have won exactly half of matches. Most victories on the team account Ruslan Sorochinskiy - 4/5, Konstantin Rybal'chenko and Denis homestead – three winning. Valery Fedoruk and Dmitry Pogrebnyak in six games for two often were close to victory, but still inferior opponents;

- Was recorded in six games through 3:2. Three of them won the Ukrainians, three defeated rivals.

- Score with winning results: 3:0 (4 fold), 3:1 and 3:2 (three times);

- A total of twenty games were played 75 games. Of these, twenty-ended with a difference of two points, including nine - on tie-breaks. Percentage of wins in these past game - 75%;

- Konstantin Rybal'chenko Ruslan Sorochinskiy - the only national team players, played in all five matches of the tournament.

Designated men's national team of Ukraine from the date of participation in the European Team Championship

The results of performance men's team of Ukraine for Euro-2016

Photos from the European Team Championship 2016

The match Ukraine-Norway (Denis homestead, Ruslan Sorochinskiy) 2 day.

The match Ukraine-Norway (Konstantin Rыbalychenko, Valery Fedoruk, 2 day.

The match Ukraine-Croatia (Denis homestead, Valery Fedoruk), 3 day.

The match Ukraine-Croatia (Ruslan Sorochinskiy, Konstantin Rыbalychenko), 3 day.

The match Ukraine-Poland (Ruslan Sorochinskiy, Dmitry Pogrebnyak), the final day.

The match Ukraine-Poland (Denis homestead, Konstantin Rыbalychenko), the final day.

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