Men's national team of Ukraine still can not get rid of the curse of the struggle to maintain residence in the second division. As in the past year, Our five could not overcome the group stage of the championship and is now forced to play in a band for 9-12 seats. The first group matches will be held on the same day in the evening.

Chance to go to the main playoffs we had. But, in fact, only one. Against Wales, Only after the first division of the continental championship. The most experienced Welsh led by Peter Creed is still a strong nut to crack for the Ukrainian skvoshistov. But it was possible to compete on equal terms with the Israeli team. What our players did. In opposition to the first rackets fared well Denis homestead, repeatedly puts Daniel Poleshchuk in an awkward position. note, what Polishchuk was a rival for the tournament homestead PSA, passes once in Kiev. The game was inspired by the partner Ruslan Sorochinskiy, immediately rushed into battle with Nadab Raziel. The game continued 55 minutes, and two batches of the four games played ended at the "more-less"! "Each game has been in the fight, but in the end the parties could find Ruslan finish and finish the match in their favor ", - Commented on the game of our team captain Konstantin Rybal'chenko. That he and Valery Khvedaruk then had to fight for overall victory. It did not have just a little bit. According to the memoirs Rybal'chenko, his game, he found only in the middle of the second game: "The opponent has chosen a strategy of constant disruption of my attacks and rhythm change, that did not give me to impose their game ". End of the second and third game were the player Israel. Last match Valery Fedoruk and Roi Avraham was the longest and was won with a score of Israeli 3:2. Fedoruk showed really high-quality squash, not yielding to an opponent at the pace of the game, imposing their style of play. A bit of luck and pick up exactly at the end of the latest attacks

Initially understanding, it is unlikely that a much stronger Wales will be able to show so bright, and most importantly winning game, our team has decided to reshape the structure and give the gaming experience of the fifth seeded Dmitry Pogrebnyak - did not participate in this meeting, Denis homestead, kopivshy forces to play for 9-12 seats. Unfortunately, predictions were confirmed - was unable to catch even one game.

In the remaining games of the championship we will fight for 9-12 seats. Games will be held in group format, so that in turn will have to play with Norway (5 May), Croatia (6 May) and Poland (7 May). We have to save the registration in the second division win enough two matches out of three.

European Team Championship (Warsaw, Poland)

4-7 May

II дивизион

Group A

Israel - Ukraine - 3:1 (10:5)

Daniel PolishchukDenis homestead3:0 (11:5, 11:7, 11:5)

Roi AvrahamValery Fedoruk3:2 (9:11, 11:6, 11:0, 4:11, 11:8)

Ron LevyKonstantin Rыbalychenko3:0 (11:6, 11:9, 11:8)

Nadab RazyэlRuslan Sorochinskiy1:3 (12:14, 9:11, 11:8, 12:14)

Wales - Ukraine - 4:0 (12:0)

Peter CreedValery Fedoruk3:0 (11:2, 11:0, 11:3)

Dzhoэl MakinoKonstantin Rыbalychenko3:0 (11:7, 11:9, 11:6)

Emyr EvansRuslan Sorochinskiy3:0 (11:4, 11:3, 11:5)

Owain TaylorDmitry Pogrebnyak3:0 (11:2, 11:4, 11:3)

Wales - Israel - 4:0 (12:0)

final Standings

Command AND AT n P G + T- H + M- ABOUT
1. Wales 2 2 0 0 24 0 264 111 4
2. Israel 2 1 0 1 10 17 219 255 2
3. Ukraine 2 0 0 2 5 22 171 288 0

The composition of the group of 9-12 seats






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