Within a few days it will start one of the main continental competitions - team championship squash. This year it will be held in Helsinki, Finland. Here the team will fight the first and second divisions in Europe. Our team decided on the composition after domestic individual championship of Ukraine - had only to wait for the draw and learn the names of the players, that will confront us.

We play in the second division and, as always, We hope to make the right to go to the highest level. To do this,, least, leave the group - are available for this force. Recall, what in the national team of Ukraine-2017 will serve veterans and national squash, and the strongest to date juniors - experienced in similar battles Konstantin Rыbalychenko and Valery Fedoruk, five-time champion of Ukraine Denis homestead, grown-up Dmitry Pogrebnyak and raised to fight at this level champion of Ukraine among juniors Artur Sikora. In the group stage they will resist the Israeli team and the Netherlands - to pass them to our players are quite capable.

of course, none of the players in the national team of Ukraine is no big words does not say (suffice it to recall cautious outlook the same homestead). But each of them is trying to come to this competition in the best shape. In the past year we could not get out of the group, but still became the best among the rest, taking the final 9 place in the second division. And now let in a team there Ruslan Sorochinskiy, who got to the team the most wins, but in this format may overcome both Israelis, and planted the first number of the Dutch. During the year we have matured enough and climbed into his mastery, in order not just to challenge rivals such, but also to get them to surrender.

by the way, at the behest of the draw the Ukrainians in the group stage once again will have to meet with the Israelis - another incentive, to prepare as much as possible and take revenge for the defeat in the last year. The composition of the team has not changed. If you remember, in May 2016 of the year Daniel Polishchuk and Ron Levy in three games and overpowered homestead Rybal'chenko, a Roy Avraham I spent five parties to overcome the barrier represented Fedoruk - only victory in that meeting at his own expense recorded Sorochinskiy, who defeated Nadab Razyelya.

As for the Netherlands national team, then with each of its members, our players met in various international tournaments (including individual European Championships). AND Pьedro Şveertman, and Mark Ter Sluis, and Bart Ravello, and Rene Miys, and Dylan Bennet - names, well-known Ukrainian skvoshistam. On the one hand - this is a very strong team without much slack (and what says the first seeded). On the other - we are familiar with the features of the game for each of its representatives and, I know how rabotaty command, We can always prepare and tell your partner, how to personally fight against each of them.

European Championship format has not changed - between divisions is shared by two teams. The finalists of the third division games Slovakia and Poland looking forward, whom they will be able to replace next year. Our team is enough to leave the group, in order to avoid the struggle for survival in its division. However, Judging by the current game each skvoshistov, we are quite capable to break the record, delivered at one time and even aim at the, that the next year to have a much more comfortable seeded with a view of reaching the First Division.

European Team Chess Championship-2017 (Helsinki, Finland)


Division I

Group A

England (1)

Germany (4)

Spain (5)

Switzerland (8)

Group B

France (2)

Scotland (3)

Finland (6)

Czech Republic (7)

II дивизион

Group A

Netherlands (1)

Israel (8)

Ukraine (9)

Group B

Ireland (2)

Hungary (7)

Norway (10)

Group C

Wales (3)

Austria (6)

Portugal (11)

Group D

Denmark (4)

Belgium (5)

Italy (12)

Recaps Group A


  1. Pьedro Şveertman
  2. Dylan Bennet
  3. Rene Miys
  4. Bart Ravello
  5. Mark Ter Sluis


  1. Daniel Polishchuk
  2. Roy Avraham
  3. Nadab Razyel
  4. Ron Levy
  5. Nir Cohen


  1. Denis homestead
  2. Konstantin Rыbalychenko
  3. Valery Fedoruk
  4. Dmitry Pogrebnyak
  5. Artur Sikora

Schedule of the European Team Championship 2017 games

Designated men's national team of Ukraine from the date of participation in the European Team Championship:

Year locations Position
2005 Amsterdam (21 command) 20. Ukraine
2006 Vein (24 commands) 20. Ukraine
2007 Riccione (27 Team) 20. Ukraine
2008 Amsterdam (28 Team) 24. Ukraine
2009 Malmo (27 Team) 22. Ukraine
2010 Aix-en-Provence (27 Team) 18. Ukraine
2011 Espoo (30 Team) 19. Ukraine
2012 Mars / Nuremberg (30 Team) 19. Ukraine
2013 Amsterdam (31 command) 18. Ukraine
2014 Zagreb / ​​Riccione (29 Team) 17. Ukraine
2015 Ljubljana / Herning (31 command) 18. Ukraine
2016 Bucharest / Warsaw (30 Team) 17. Ukraine

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