We invite professionals and amateurs to take part in competitions squash Kharkiv Squash Tour, which will take place in Kharkov 23 Martha 2019 of the year on the squash courts of the club "The Wave".

State tournament Kharkiv Squash Tour.

Tournament results Kharkiv Squash Tour .

Place and time:

tournaments are held:
23.03.2019 – 1 stage
26.05.2019 – 2 stage
13.07.2019 – 3 stage

g. Kharkiv, at the address. Astronomical 7-A, FK "Volna"


  1. M1 - a high level of male game.
  2. M2 - men mid-level games.
  3. M3 - man entry-level games.
  4. Lady 2 - women at all levels of the game.

Timing and submission of application:

To participate in the tournament you need to 20.03.2019 fill in the online application form and to make the participation fee.

To be eligible athletes, which at the close of receipt of applications, issued and paid a license fee for the athlete, in accordance with regulation "On licensing of athletes, who take part in official competitions squash in Ukraine ".

Entry fee:

600 UAH - for all players.

In the case of a larger number of applications has priority player, who had previously sent an application and paid the participation fee. Bank details for payment of contributions: Map of PB 4149 6293 0047 4806 on Panov Nikita O. name.

Be sure to include (FIO, Payment for participation in the tournament)!

The prize fund:

The winners are awarded with diplomas, medals and prizes.

The organizers of the tournament:

tournament director – Nikita Panov (+380933411122)
Main judge – Anna Nemtseva
The secretary of the tournament – Oleg Gritsyna

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