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Jan 2020

18January00:00- 00:00Odessa Squash League, 1 stageSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

18January00:00- 00:00Odessa Squash League, 1 stageSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

20January - 23FebruaryJanuary 2000:00February 23Kharkiv League, 1-stageAFC WaveCategories:Category

25January00:00- 00:00kherson Masters 2020Sport Life, Herson

Feb 2020

1February00:00- 00:005 Element Squash Cup5 ElementCategories:Category

8February00:00- 00:00Indoor Championship Poltava regionSport Life, PoltavaCategories:Category

8February00:00- 00:00Indoor Championship of Kyiv region5 ElementCategories:Category

8February00:00- 00:00Indoor Championship of Odessa regionSport Life, TairoveCategories:Category

15February00:00- 00:00Indoor Championship Dnipropetrovsk regionPride, DneprCategories:Category

15February00:00- 00:00Kharkiv squash Tour Stage 1AFC WaveCategories:Category

15February00:00- 00:00Indoor championship Kherson regionSport Life, HersonCategories:Category

21February - 22February 2100:00February 22Referees seminarCategories:Seminar

22February - 23February 2200:00February 23Ukrainian Championship 2020Sport Life, TeremkiCategories:National

Mar 2020

14Mar00:00- 00:00Odessa Squash League, 2 stageSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

23Mar - 26AprMar 2300:00Apr 26Kharkiv League, 2-stageAFC WaveCategories:Category

APR 2020

4Apr00:00- 00:00Odessa Spring CupSport Life, TairoveCategories:Category

18Apr00:00- 00:00Odessa Squash League, 4 stageSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

25Apr - 26Apr 2500:00Apr 26battle of PoltavaSport Life, PoltavaCategories:Category

May 2020

16May00:00- 00:00Odessa Squash League, 5 stageSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

16May00:00- 00:00Kharkiv squash Tour Stage 2AFC WaveCategories:Category

23May00:00- 00:00Fine tournamentSport Life, Protasov YarCategories:Category

30May00:00- 00:00Spring Squash BattleSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

Jun 2020

1June - 31July00:00July 31- 00:00Kharkiv League, 3-stageAFC WaveCategories:Category

6June00:00- 00:00Odessa Squash League, 6 stageSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

20June00:00- 00:00Odessa Open ChampionshipSport Life, Tairove

21June00:00- 00:00Kharkov stars-1AFC WaveCategories:category D

July 2020

4July00:00- 00:00Odessa Squash League, 7 stageSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

18July00:00- 00:00Summer Squash BattleSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

Aug 2020

1Aug00:00- 00:00Odessa Squash League, 8 stageSport Life, TairoveCategories:category D

15Aug00:00- 00:00Kharkiv squash Tour Stage 3AFC WaveCategories:Category

20Aug - 23Aug 2000:00Aug 23ZENIT Black Sea Open 2020Sport Life, TairoveCategories:Category A

September 2020

7sen - 11octsen 700:00oct 11Kharkiv League, 4-stageAFC WaveCategories:Category

13sen00:00- 00:00Kharkov stars-2AFC WaveCategories:category D

18sen - 19sen 1800:00sen 19Referees seminarSport Life, УПА/Сквош-центр "Южный"Categories:Seminar

19sen - 20sen 1900:00sen 20TECNIFIBRE Junior Open 2020Sport Life, PoznyakiCategories:Category A

Oct 2020

23oct - 25oct 2300:00oct 25Krono squash cup 2020AFC WaveCategories:Category A

Nov 2020

9nov - 13decnov 900:00dec 13Kharkiv League, 5-stageAFC WaveCategories:Category

Dec 2020

4dec - 19dec 400:00dec 19Kharkiv squash Tour Stage 4AFC WaveCategories:Category