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FROM 15 by 18 June Riccione is an international tournament Italian Junior Open 2017. 170 juniors from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenian, Switzerland, Turkey and more 20 other countries gathered at the club Figs National Technical Centre, to compete for the title of winner in its category.

The international tournament category Grand Prix will play five of our juniors - Kiev Chebanov Andrew, Kotova Olga, Radionov Timofey, Scherbakov Dmitry and Zhukavets Julia.

First played on the courts in Italy today (16.06.2017) Dropped Yule Zhukovets, Ukrainian plays 17/32 seeded in the women's category up 17 years. At the moment, Julia played its first match of the tournament against the Italians Francesca BARTOLI 9/16, with the score 3:1 victory went to Italian. Ahead Julia another match today against Alzbeta DUFKOVA 9/16 from the Czech Republic, We hope that luck will be on our side in the evening.

In parallel with Zhukavets I went to court and Rodionov Timofey, skvoshist playing in the tournament 9/16 seyannym in the men's category up 13 years. In the first match against the Italians Christian ACCETTURA 17/32 Timothy took exactly 14 minutes, To deal with the rival with the score 3:0. In the second round the lot fell to play 1 scattered Philip Georgiev 1, playing the 3 games for 27 minute victory goes Italian. The next match will be held at Timothy night against fellow Andrii CHEBANOV 9/16. Who among them will be stronger today see 19:40 (Kyiv time).

Timothy rival Rodionova and Andrei Chebanova in the men's category up 13 s perform one more junior from Ukraine, 2 seyannыy tournament Dmitry Shcherbakov. In the first round Scherbakov ml. He earned his first win of the tournament beating German Dennis WELTE 9/16 with the score 6-11, 3-11, 9-11. Next game at junior tomorrow against Spaniard Joan SERNA 9/16, Dima is now sick and maintain friendly rivals and preparing for tomorrow's match.

Behind the third skvoshista in the men's category up 13 years Andrew Chebanova the first victory in the tournament. play 9/16 seyannыm Andrey 22 minutes in 3 past game route Nico MATHIS 5/8 with the score 4-11, 2-11, 3-11.

Closes top five Ukrainians in the international tournament Olga Kotova. Olya only one of our players, which has just started its game. We are waiting for the results of her match against Leonie RICHTER 9/16 from Switzerland.

We wish our athletes luck, victories and good results. Следить за матчами Italian Junior Open 2017 can online.

Grid and schedule of the tournament Italian Junior Open 2017.

© Anna Tesleva

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