We introduce you to a game called squash and tell, how to open a squash club (areas for games) and build a profitable business.

What is squash?

squash – This game sport, not very distant relative of the tennis and badminton. The most important difference is that, squash courts that are located indoors, for the game, you must have three basic and auxiliary walls. The game is built as follows:.

The first player makes a pitch. I.e, It does hit the racket on the ball in the direction of the front (front) walls. The purpose of the second player - beat off the ball rebound off the wall. And not strike after one ball touch the floor, and in the summer. Loser is the player, that either gets the ball in the out zone, or allow a few touches the floor of the ball after a rebound from the wall (as the cause of the loss can be a variety of errors). In simple words - it's a game of tennis with the wall, where players take turns to bat, up to the first error. Each game lasts until 11 points, except, when the score of the game becomes 10-10. In this case, the game continues until, until the difference reaches two points.

How to open a squash club and well on it to make?

Despite the fact, that the number of fans of this unusual game is constantly growing, quality sites is not enough. In many cities of Ukraine are no full court. Some sites can be found in large fitness centers, but this is not enough. Players wishing to attend full clubs, where they can play and socialize with like-minded. So why not think about opening a club?

Give a detailed understanding, What is needed for the organization of the games of squash, any requirements to be placed, how much does the equipment cost and the income which may be a single squash court?

first, How to start a business - a search for suitable premises. To do this, you need to know the standards for playgrounds squash. Here are the standard sizes, are used worldwide: length 975 cm, width 640 cm, height 564 cm. On the front line of the wall runs out (out line) on high 457 cm from the floor, coupled oblique lines out (angle 14 degrees) on both side walls with the line out on the rear wall, at height 213 cm. On the front wall feed line is located at a height 183 see the so-called "tin" or "bottom out" in height 43 cm. The width of all lines is 5 cm. In theory 4 the court is good business, Well much more optimally 6+ courts. For such investments need about 1000 t? and 6 m height, and even parking 20 cars. It turns out an area of ​​about 1300 t?.

Squash_Court Shama-squash

These are necessary conditions for the arrangement of a full-fledged standard platform. Find space area required is fairly easy. The only difficulty may occur due to the relatively high altitude (because it is about 2 times higher than the standard height of premises).

Squash court, as a business

Naturally, the number of playgrounds depends on the following factors: the number of the city's population, the percentage of citizens, sportive (Ideally - tennis and squash) etc. Best of all, before the opening to conduct a survey to ascertain the right numbers. Otherwise you may have, what you will 2-3 court, and wanting to be a lot more. Or on the contrary - the number of those wishing to be a lot less, than you can serve. Business need to conduct profitable, but do not forget about customer convenience (forcing players to wait - not a very nice tone).

The question of the cost of the court clients ask perhaps the most. The answer is always the same: it depends on various factors! As with building a house, the total cost of expensive courts determine different components. There are also factors, Court distinguishing mediocre from good and excellent.

What factors determine the price of the full court?

Fundamental factors such four:

- Building, that will house court (courts);

- Property location (building);

- Number of courts;

- Specifications.

Presenting your attention the most famous manufacturers of squash courts:

Courtmag (Ukraine) – 28 000$ – 41 000$. Their projects: squash court «Flex» Clubs, "5th element" (Courts are located on the 1st floor of the club), "Olympia Sports". http://courtmag.com.ua

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Cportkom (Ukraine) – 25 000$ – 30 000$. Their projects: squash court "5element 'clubs (Courts are located on the 2nd floor of the club), FK "Tetra", "Crystal". http://www.squash.com.ua

IMG_5824 IMG_5821 634_20

Courttech (Germany) – Their projects: squash court for clubs in Ukraine "Sport Life" Protasov Yar, as courts in Australia, USA, Europe, South America, etc.. http://www.courttech.biz/squash-court-installation-references

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DSM (Ukraine) – 18 000$. Their projects: squash court for the clubs in the river. http://squash.pp.ua

PLEASE court tech (Germany) – 25 000 – 40 000 €. Their projects: squash court for RC clubs in St. Petersburg, Dwor Kresowy in Poland, McArthur Squash Center in the US, etc.. http://ru.asbsquash.com

RainbowCourt_Titel Pro-GlassBackWall_1 GlassCourt_Titel

McWil (CSA) - Their projects: Squash court “Grand Prix” (Kiev), “Olympia Village” (Kiev), Bates College в Льюстон, Windy City Open в Чикаго, National Squash Academy in Toronto, etc.. http://mcwilsquash.com/category/events

20130611_MCWIL_Emanuel_Preview-11-242x300 IMG_0024-300x225 IMG_1756-300x225

BFC Construction (Ukraine) – 18 000$ – 40 000$. Their projects: Sport Life Киев, Teremki – 6 courts, Sport Life Киев, Poznyaki – 3 court, Sport Life Киев, Troieschyna- 3 court, Sport Life Киев, Kuren?vka – 2 court, Sport Life Львов, Heroes of UPA – 2 court, Sport Life Одесса – 3 court, Squash Club South Lions, – 2 court, Sport Life Dnipro area of ​​Glory - 2 court, Sport Life Львов “Spartak” – 3 court, Sport Life Poltava - 2 court, Sport Life Киев “Dream Town” – 2 court.



orrol_76_iz_166 squash_10

In conclusion, we note, that each project should be assessed separately, to determine the exact price for Court.

Besides, needed racket, footwear, balls. All this can be purchased at specialty stores for squash. At prices. A good racket in the average cost of 700-5000 UAH. The cost of the ball depending on the destination (balls differ in the points system - 1 red, 2 yellow, 1 yellow etc.) - from 70 to 100 UAH. Trainers for this game are from 800-4000 UAH. Headband - 100 – 200 UAH. Points squash - 400 UAH. You can offer equipment for rent or sell everything you need.

The next point - the coaches. After all, not every resident of your city is familiar with squash. Moreover - many even this name had never heard. They need to be interested in, bring to your club and, of course, learn to play. And the better they will be prepared, so it will be interesting. And this is the main factor for regular visits to your squash club. Coaches are hard to find, especially in urban areas, which still do not know about this game. But it is worth to try. As an option - to join the club (perhaps, even to go to the training in another city), take lessons from professionals, then come and organize your club. All this takes time, efforts, large investments. But business is not easy. You always have to sacrifice something, to get something in return.

Profit at the opening of the squash courts

Ckvosh court, as a business idea - is not only good in itself, but pretty quickly pay off, with the right approach to the organization. What will be the costs for the establishment of the club? The main costs are in terms of construction of courts, if it is required, Equipment and premises. Additional costs will be spent on rent – 5000$, If we have our own building – We do not pay rent, staff salaries – 2500$, utility service – 2200$ pokupku and ammunition. but, in this case it will be possible to make a retail, buying its official distributors.

Earn, in addition to the court of public services, cost of, which is about 150 UAH in time, It will be on these things:

At first, this training game, now claimed, since most of the population does not know about this game at all. Thus it is possible to heat up interest in squash. Training the trainer is on average about 250 UAH in time. The maximum turnover from one court per hour - 400 UAH (indicative rates). When working in the club mode 16 hours (from 07.00 to 23.00) and with an average congestion within 10 out hours 4 000 UAH, or 120 000 UAH per month. Naturally, It's perfect. In reality, things are not so beautiful. Although…. Do not forget, we took into account a squash court. You also may be their 2, 3, 4, 10. These figures make it possible to evaluate the possibility of such business organization.

Secondly, is the sale of ammunition, As mentioned. Here income will vary depending on the needs of purchase.

Thirdly, is conducting various kinds of competitions, both urban, and provincial, that not only will be an additional income, but the advertising company.

AND, finally, You can make a training of trainers squash. Price for training set yourself.

Attract people as possible and the system of discounts for regular customers. For example, every fifth hour of play discount, near 10-20%. Naturally, System nature and size of discounts should be installed depending on the income earned.

Opening squash courts require relatively large investments, but, with the right business strategy, all the initial costs will be repaid fairly quickly. Also, with the increasing popularity of squash in the city, and revenues will grow, which will expand in the other directions, including open clubs in other cities and regions.

The most interesting and unusual squash courts:

1. Golf Squash Grand Central(Grand Central Squash Court), USA


Central station (Grand Central Terminal) is an internal (former long-distance) railway station, Located in the heart of Manhattan at the intersection of 42nd Street and Park Avenue, in NYC, USA. This is the most famous railway station in the world was also the venue for the tournament squash. The tournament was held the International Squash Federation (World Squash Federation) for the promotion of the sport.

2. Vintage fun British scholars – squash – He has gained a loyal following in Egypt. The Egyptians themselves perfectly play and love to watch the game of other.


3. It turns squash court was the world-famous Titanic!!! Court was on deck F. To use it, it was necessary to buy a ticket, also could pay for the services of professional squash coach (they cost 50 cents per half hour, while hiking in the pool cost 1 US).It was also possible to rent a tennis racket and balls, or even buy them for personal use. Taking the court could only around 1 o'clock. Wishing was rife. On the court it has been allocated a place for spectators, they were separated from the courts wire mesh, type in a niche balcony. The walls were steel. On the floor lay a firm coating Veitchi.


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