Referee Committee was created as a result of the meeting of the Federation of squash in Ukraine, which took place 13 October 2015 of the year. Detailed information about the meeting, visit here.

The committee today:
Alexey Usenko
Love Toshoparan
Jan Kowalska

The Committee's work focused primarily on the development of refereeing in Ukraine. To this end seminars for future judges across the country, including with the involvement of experienced foreign lecturers. To participate in the new seminars follow the news on the FSO website or send your application (as well as any questions, associated with the refereeing in Ukraine) by e-mail, then you will be informed in advance about upcoming events.
With a list of certified referees, you can see here.

In order to improve the judicial expertise Judicial Committee opened the Club, which meets on a weekly basis. Read more about this in the section "Referees Club".

For active and efficient communication of judges across the country have created a group on the social network Facebook, which presents a variety of useful materials for judges, publishes the latest news about the officiating, etc.. If you are a judge, but not yet a member of this group, please contact us at the email address above.

All information about the officiating squash in Ukraine you can find website in the "Judging" section, which the, in turn has a number of sub-sections for the convenience of your use.

Professional refereeing in Ukraine have!

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