We invite all lovers of squash on the 1st stage of the competition Harrow Ukrainian Squash Cup 1 stage/ 5 Element Squash Tour, which will be held in Kiev 5 February 2016 of the year.

Location and time of the tournament:

Kiev, ul.Elektrikov 29A, in club “5 Element” in the territory of 4 courts.

05.02.2016 – qualifying games, the first and the second round in the categories Pro and PSA-Women;

06.02.2016 – pick-up games in all categories;

07.02.2016 – finals.

Participants of the tournament:

men (Pro: 16 the main grid + 16 qualification, male amateurs: 64 the main grid + 32 qualification);

women (SG & Women: 16 the main grid + 16 qualification, female amateurs: 16 the main grid + 16 qualification);

children (Kids, Kids-2) – just on 1 stage 05 – 07.02.2016.

Entry fee:

for all categories – 600 UAH; (exception to 1 stage: Kids, Kids-2 – 200 UAH). To be paid at the time of registration at the reception or payment card Privat24 №51687556 16686453 Tantalus Sergey.

The purpose of the payment: compete in squash (date tournament), member Name.


winners of each stage will be awarded with diplomas, medals and valuable gifts. in the Pro category prize fund – 20000 UAH; in categories SG & Women – 1000$. At the end of each stage the player will be counted in Ukraine's rating balls Cup ranking. At the end of the 4 stages of the Ukrainian Cup winners 2016 They will be awarded cups and valuable gifts.

The distribution of the prize fund: 1 a place – 31,7%, 2 a place – 20, 7%, 3 a place – 15, 3%, 4 a place – 10,8%, 5 a place – 7,2%, 6 a place – 5,8%, 7 a place – 4,6%, 8 a place – 3,9%.

In connection with the merger 1 stage of the Cup of Ukraine and 3 тура 5EST 5-7 February all participants will receive a rating balls still in the rating 5EST. also changed and the category of the tournament, respectively ranking balls for 5EST be counted by category “A”.

Timing and submission of application:

To participate in the tour must be for 5 days before the start of stage send a e-mail: squash@5el.com.ua and pay the participation fee.

Organising Committee:

tournament director – Drandalush Sergey bodies. +38 067 555 15 91.

Положение турнира Harrow Ukrainian Squash Cup.

Grid and schedule Harrow Ukrainian Squash Cup/ 5 Element Squash Tour (1 Ukrainian Cup stage).

Результаты турнира Harrow Ukrainian Squash Cup/ 5 Element Squash Tour (1 Ukrainian Cup stage).


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