Each of the parents have thought about the question, which sport to take your child?

The answer there is squash!

Squash develops coordination, flexibility, mobility, agility and endurance baby. Squash trains the cardiovascular system and all muscles of the body. This sport develops a reaction, attention and logical thinking, and also helps to strengthen children's immunity. Squash tempers the character of your child. Patience and self-control is the squash's best friends!

And to make things easier to navigate, where to call and who to ask Squash Federation of Ukraine offers you a list of clubs in which children are organized group trainings.

*this table will be updated continuously.

Children group lessons squash in cities of Ukraine


PR. Ilicha, 20A


st. Marie Curie, 5

FC Olympia Sports

st. Hlybochytska, 17

Sportlife poznyaky

st. Drahomanov, 40

SportLayf Towers

st. Marshal Konev, 8

Sportlife Protasov Yar

st. N. Grinchenko, 2/1

Sportlife troyeshchina

st. Mayakovsky, 46

FC Kievsportclub

blv. Druzhby Narodiv, 5

Sportlife UPA

st. Heroes of UPA, 72,housing 40

Sportlife Sykhiv

st. Zubrovskaya, 38

Squash Centre

st. Schiretskaya, 36 (3 floor)

City Center Sportlife

etc. Marshal Zhukov, 2


lane. Tchaikovsky, 12

FC Tetra

ul.Sumskaya 85

Factory SHOPPING CENTER Sportlife

Zalaegerszeg str., 18


c. Uzhgorod, Minajskaâ str., 16a

lost World

st. Kuprina, 49