AT 2016 year, Ukraine at the European Team Championship will represent the two teams squash: male and female. AT 1/2 division, which will be held in Warsaw (Poland) from 4 – 7 May will fight our men professionals. The women's team will play in the 3 division, which will be held in g.Buharest (Romania) from 20 – 23 April.

Present to your attention pre-sowing in the European Team Championship. The final lists 1/2 division will be known 4 April, at 3 division – after 21 Martha.

To date, formed lists of candidates for the national teams of Ukraine Squash, but the final composition will be determined after the Ukrainian Championship Squash (25 – 27 Martha 2016).

Men's Team Squash:

1. Denis Podvorniy

2. Fedoruk Valery

3. Rybal'chenko Constantine

4. Ruslan Sorochinskiy

5. Dmitry Pogrebnyak

6. Zheludkov Timothy

image00213-300x225Women's Team Squash:

1. Usenko Nadia

2. Bushma Alina

3. Pugach Julia

4. Anastasiya Fesenko

5. Liana Sardak.

    Diligent preparation for the Championship of Ukraine and the European Team Chess Championship candidates for national teams of Ukraine will start already next week. In the next two months training ground for the men's team will be FC “Sport Life Теремки”, and for the women's team FC “5 Element”.

    Thank FK “Sport Life” in the face Dmitry Shcherbakov and FC “5 element” in the face of Sergey Drandalusha for the opportunity.

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