good afternoon, I was recently on business in Sofia, Bulgaria. I do not take anything with them for training, without assuming, that I will go to knock. But, as the saying goes, who wants to have that and get.

I decided this experience with you and to share. As for the second time in Sofia (before that came to the tournament in Moni Squash Club with Greek hangouts) I already knew that there are at least 2 club:

  1. Moni Squash Klab.
  2. Sofia Skvosh center.

The old memory called first in Sofia Squash Center, Unfortunately, retsepshin not speak English and I just finished a conversation. Since the book court, and even more so to find out if they have my size shoes for sale, I could not.

Then I scored Moni squash and to my satisfaction, man calmly talked to me in English. But, Unfortunately, to 23.00 All courts were busy. It did not work too.

But this is a squash and I want to play))))

Then I decided to still, as you wish, but book in court Squash Center. Benefit there is an option through register on the site (way English-language website). And at the second attempt I was lucky – Manager found a coach, which is great to communicate with me in English, I answered all the questions with which I booked time, and went to the gym.

On the club Sofia Squash Center:

Location and how to get: is in 10 minutes from the center. I drove a taxi there and back.

About club: club is only for squash. In club 4 court.

Score: There is a shop where you can all got the necessary affordable (I found there Mizuno running shoes, What was extremely happy). If there is a form, but no rackets – you will give it for rent, which greatly simplifies life. Also issued two towels – big and small. Slippers desirable to have an. Available for sale and there is no.

cloakroom: small, but comfortable, and what should be for 4 courts. Shower clean and neat.

Near the courts their tables and chairs. Nobody does not hinder anybody. If desired, you can take tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Trainer: with coach, whose name is Nikolay Angelov, running around great. super mood.

Retsepşin: friendly and happy to see you, that very pleased.

personal conclusion: necessarily come yet.

Impressions on a 5-point scale:

Ease of booking courts: 5 (book the court in the name and come
play, clearly shows whether the courts have free online, in a pinch
case you are registered through the site and broniruesh).

Friendly staff and the atmosphere at the club: 5

inventory availability to buy and rent: 5

The ability to find sparring partner / trainer: 5

quality tennis courts, technical condition of courts: 5

I made for you a few pictures, More can be found on the club's website: Wait for further review


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