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AT 2018 year at the site of the Academy of squash and tennis Falcon Club held 2 annual international tournament Falcon Squash Cup 2018. Within 4 days 15 by 18 on February 6 courts, beloved Minsk tournament, It was the first racket of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, The Netherlands and Sweden. Generally, It was played during the tournament about 1000 games 19 categories.

For professional categories - Men PSA, Women PSA, Boys 19, Girls 19 established a prize fund of 4000$, 2600$, 600$ and 600$, respectively. The remaining tournament participants received prizes and gifts.

At the tournament Falcon Squash Cup 2018, which gathered about 200 participants in the PSA categories (men and women), Lovers (M1, M2, M3, W1, W2), ESF juniors and juniors, Ukrainian won skvoshisty 2 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals.

The first places in the tournament won:

Gold medals this year our juniors vyboroli, category winner “BU17” – Julius Laukart. On the way to the first place in the international competitions, Julius took over the Russian skvoshistom - Alexey Karpenko. In the final round against Karpenko Laukart He won with a score of 3:0 (5-11, 9-11, 10-12) not losing a single past game all his opponents in the course of the tournament.

second gold, category “GU13” went to another junior from Ukraine - Kotova Olga. finishing 1 in its category C, Kotova confidently reached the main draw of the competition for 1-4 seats where she met with her countrywomen Milenoy Velichko and Anastasia Crier. With the score 3:0 Kotova in the semifinals beat the first Velichko, and zatem and Crier.

Winners of PSA:

In the final itself the status categories Women PSA and Men PSA, which shows the first racquet, winners and become the absolute champion of the tournament Ineta MACKEVIČIAUS and Piedro Schweertman.

Ukraine has also not kept them back, and won the honorable bronze medal in the women's category of PSA in the face Anastasia Kostyukova: “In the first round winning the Belarusian Olga Chmielewski 3:0, I advanced to the quarterfinals for the first racket of Russia (at the moment) Ekaterina Marusan and oderžala victory 3:0 (11:5, 11:8, 11:9). For me it was very valuable, and the first victory of personal meetings, before I conceded 3:0 , 3:1, 3:2. In the semifinals, I played with the first seeded for a long time, we all know Inettoy Maskevitsoy, the match was not easy, with a large number of controversial judicial moments, lasted 40 minutes and ended in defeat 3:0 (11:7,11:3,11:7). But despite this, I would like to play with it more and improve results, to victory! In the match for 3/4 place I've played with the Polish girl Paulina Krzivitskoy. Previously, all our meetings ended 3:0, 3:1 not in my favor, but this time, the first time I won with a score of 3:1 (11:3, 11:6, 8:11, 11:7 ), finishing 3rd. I am very pleased with the result of the tournament, I was able to beat two opponents which previously I could never win, and for me it is a victory!”.

Silver won the tournament:

  • she Stizhka - in W1 category. Beating competitors in 3 matches, one step away from victory in the final against Olga Khmelevskoy our Yan lost to Belarusian score 3:0 (11-7, 11-8, 11-7). According to the results we have won 2 place in the female category of high-level amateurs.
  • Julia Zhukavets - in the category GU17. Zhukavets confidently reached the main draw of the competition for 1-4 seats. The stumbling block for juniors on the road to victory was Valery Esin, Julia beaten in the finals for the GU17 1 place in the category of PSA in the semifinals for 9 a place. According to the results we have won 2 place in junior female category GU17.
  • Oleg Pozdnyakov - in the category BU15. Pozdnyakov, as his fellow without unnecessary complexity reached basic grid competitions for 1-4 seats. For step to victory, on a glass court in the match with Makar Esin our junior conceded his opponent with a score of 2-11, 3-11, 6-11. According to the results we have won 2 place in the junior category BU17.
  • Krykun Anastasia – in category GU13, GU11. Nastya was the only skvoshistkoy from Ukraine, which managed to take the top places in two categories. 2 place in the women's GU11 and GU13.

Bronze won in the tournament:

  • Artur Sikora – in BU19 category. prize 3 place and takes away the cash award to Ukraine, our junior, member of the men's national team.

  • Milena Velichko – in category GU13. Closes the top three among the juniors 13 s still one of our skvoshistka. According to the results, the tournament in Minsk our girls in GU13 category won all the prizes.

In addition to the step of the medal, finishing fourth prize, stopped: Kotova Olga playing in a female adult high-level categories among experienced rivals and Power Tverdohleb representing from Ukraine category GU17.

Congratulations to our skvoshistov with a successful performance at the international tournament in Minsk Falcon Squash Cup 2018.

Results Falcon Squash Cup tournament 2018.

© Anna Tesleva

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