Feb, 2020

21February - 22February 2100:00February 22Referees seminarCategories:Seminar


event Details

The workshop is aimed at coaches and players from the novice level of refereeing, as well as for advanced, who want to get the category judging FSU.

At present, the following categories of judging: "Judge / token" (it is the Ministry of Young Judge), judge 2 categories, judge 1 categories, Judge national category and then the international category.

What is the category of "judge / token"? Category "judge / token" assigned persons, who attended a judicial seminar, organized by the NMF and passed exams, and also have practical experience of judging at least 20 matches.

Location and time of the workshop:

21-February 22 2020 of the year

c. Kiev, st. electricians, 29A, club "5th Element».

workshop participants:

The seminar was attended by squash coaches and players.

workshop Schedule:

21.02.2020 – 17:00 the beginning of a lecture and a written exam (tests) refereeing.

22.02.2020 - practical refereeing in the framework of the Championship of Ukraine.

Conditions of participation in the seminar:

To participate in the conference you should send online application on the official website of the Federation of squash.ua. Participation in the seminar is free.


21 (Friday) 00:00 - 22 (Saturday) 00:00

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