Mar, 2019

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We invite professionals and amateurs to take part in competitions in Odessa squash squash league, which will be held in Odessa 9 Martha 2019 of the year on the squash courts of the club "SportLife".

Skvosh League - a fundamentally new format of the competition squash in Odessa. It is attended by athletes of all ages and skill levels (professionals, lovers, beginners).

everyone, depending on their level of play, They will be divided into divisions according to 6 human. All matches divisions will be held on a certain day, and players, who were unable to play their matches on this day, provided for this 2 of the week. After all the games played division winners determined, rotation of players is held between the divisions and, course will be awarded.

The position of the tournament Odessa Squash League.

Place and time:

«Sport Life, Tairove »: Hundreds pr.Nebesnoy, 2

Terms of the league:

  1. All participants are divided into divisions ( "ELIT", "Division 1", "Division 2" etc.).
  2. The number of players in the same division - 6 human. In some cases, the number of players can be reduced to 5, or increased to 7. for example, if someone leaves the league is attached to it.
  3. Each player must play in the division with all the players for their division league stage.
  4. All matches are conducted according to the rules of the World Squash Federation to 11 points.
  5. The match result is determined by the best of the rule 2 games
  6. The list of divisions, as well as scores are entered into the drawing table League stages and will be available on the page in Facebook League.
  7. Points earned are credited to participants in the league ranking.
  8. Players must own book time for games.

Filing an application:

To participate in the tournament must be before the beginning of fill in the online application form and to make the participation fee.

To be eligible athletes, which at the close of receipt of applications, issued and paid a license fee for the athlete, in accordance with regulation "On licensing of athletes, who take part in official competitions squash in Ukraine ".

Entry fee:

300 UAH - for participation in the tournament + License Player (600 UAH annual or 100 UAH for the stage).

Bank details for payment of contributions: Map of PB 5168 7551 0259 9533 on Yakovenko Irina name. Be sure to specify the purpose of payment: "Participation in the league and the player's name and surname".

The prize fund:

The winners are awarded with diplomas, medals and prizes.

The organizers of the tournament:

Konstantin Reshetnyak 0979064642 Yakovenko Irina 0984026409


(Saturday) 00:00 - 00:00


Sport Life, Tairove


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