In Cologne, he completed junior tournament Super Series squash!

At the tournament in Cologne under the direction of coach of Ukraine this year we have tried to send a record number of juniors (20 human) of various ages. Seven of the children were able to participate in a youth tournament thanks to a charity tournament on New Way squash (18-19 May) contributions and donations which were used to acquire EJO2019 international tournament party package for our talented children: Vatulyan Veronica (GU13), Kuzymenko Sofia (GU13), Andrushko Nazar (BU13), Bugaev Valery (GU15), Doroshik Maria (GU17) Tymoshchuk and Matthew (BU17).

Coach our children on the eve of departure to Germany celebrated, the tournament will be extremely strong and fight for the medals will be difficult. But hope is on the podium was still a. Several skvoshistov could not just win a medal, but even to win, with Junior Pioneer Alina Bushma repeatedly returned with a bronze medal in the 2013 and 2014 years. Alina was then third in the category of girls under 13 and to 15 years, respectively. But in Cologne-2019 our favorites competed on quite different elevations.

Best result at this tournament in Cologne – in 1 seeded Alina Bushmen. high, but very disappointing fourth position in 18-year-old athlete (category 19 years). Skvoshistka in 1/2 finals unexpectedly missed the victory, losing 17/32 seeded Margot Prow with the score 3:2 (11-3, 14-12, 12-14, 9-11, 11-3). And then, Game EJO 2019 Bushma conceded the bronze medal in the final match opponent from Holland 3/4 seeded Maas flower.

Alina Bushma

Twice our sportsmen became the eighth (Dmitry Shcherbakov in the boys category up 15 years and Olga Kotova in the category of girls under 15 years). In Sunday's final of the 14-year-old skvoshist, 5/8 seeded, according to the results of played matches won 8 place in the tournament, losing to Dutchman Samuel Gerrits (2-th seeded) with the score 4-11, 11-7, 5-11, 8-11. The match lasted 22 minutes.

This is the second experience for Shcherbakova tournament in Cologne junior. AT 2017 by Dima became 20 in the boys category up 13 years.

Dmitry Scherbakov ml

25 racket junior to 15 and s 9/16 seeded 13-year-old Olga Kotova He returned home without winning, but with a personal professional record. Ward "Children's Academy squash. Towers ", compete this state-Series three times in his entire career, this time won the highest place in the competition of this magnitude. Recall, that this year took Kotova 9 place in the tournament in the Czech Republic and 12 place in the tournament in the Netherlands at the beginning of their performances in 2017 year.

Kotova Olga

Results of other athletes from the Ukraine in the tournament Super Series European Junior Open 2019:


29. Andrushko Nazar

35. Nikita Khlus

36. Alexey Belikov


11. Zrazhevska Sofia

22. Kuzymenko Sofia

25. Anna Brilenko

28. Vatulyan Veronica


8. Dmitry Shcherbakov

30. Tkachuk Andrew

35. Radionov Timofey


8. Kotova Olga

15. Tverdohleb Vladislav

22. Velichko Milena

33. Elena Brilenko

39. Bugaev Valery


60. Tymoshchuk Matthew


24. Doroshik Maria


24. Belikov Yefim


4. Bushma Alina

15. Julia Zhukovets

Our skvoshisty did a great job during the preparation for the tournament and the matches themselves looked decent. We hope, they will hold the following events even better. In general, the level of participation of the German competition was extremely high. A large number of juniors are the champions of their respective countries and have great potential for development. Medal standings in Cologne won the British (5 medals = 2 gold + 1 silver + 2 bronze). India (3 = 2+0+1) and Holland (3 = 1+0+2) divided second position respectively.

All the results of the competition can be viewed link.

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