FROM 4 by 7 April the European Team Championship held in Jersey 3 division ETC3 2017. 15 male and 7 women's teams met in St Helier, to compete for the title of national champion 2017 Year squash in 3 division.

According to the results of games played: first place among men's teams in Slovakia, but among women the best was Malta. debutants of the championship, as well as the tournament hosts took the bronze medal in both categories.

In the men's final of Slovakia beat Poland with the score 3:0, and both teams next season have been promoted in the division.

In the women's competition Malta went through unbeaten group, confirming his title victory over Jersey in the last day, with the result that Russian silver and a win over tournament hosts.

The winners and prize-winners among the men's teams:

  1. Slovakia.
  2. Poland.
  3. Jersey
  4. Croatia

Winners of women's teams:

  1. Malta.
  2. Russia.
  3. Jersey.

Results ETC3 tournament 2017.

© Anna Tesleva

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