Where to spend the summer: training camps abroad skvoshistov?

For the growing organism sport doubly helpful. With this purpose, every year organizes various camps, where under the supervision of professional instructors child meets with a healthy lifestyle and to cultivate the qualities of character necessary for the future. In parallel with domestic Camp (Summer Squash Camp, Dnepr) will begin its work a children's camp in the southeast of Austria in Graz - this is for those parents, who have the ability to send their children to train abroad!

Elite Summer Squash Camp, Graz

Weekly squash camp will be held from 5 by 11 August, there are all conditions for good rest, and for full training.

Včela, the standard format of the camp - meeting with squash, gaming discipline, general physical preparation of both the courts and beyond. AND, of course, leisure - various excursions, familiarity with the architectural landmarks of the city.

The program fees is drawn up in 7 days:

  • 10 hours of training / Coaching athletes to improve the game day
  • + 5 hours of training squash with special equipment and training every day
  • + 2 hours of physical training and training for the Coordination of every day
  • + 2 hour interactive sports and video analysis of your own game every day
  • + 1 free tour

Maximum number of participants at the camp: 2 group on 8 players in each age category.

Tutors Elite Summer Squash Camp:

  • Visiting coach Ashraf Hanafi (ONE) – head coach of Egypt.
  • Edward Stepanek (international trainer, Former Austria coach, It has coaching experience in Spain, Italy and Portugal).
  • Patrick Strobl (It is in the top 20 in Austria).

Restriction on participation:

  • skovshist report has to have a minimum of 2 record in European competition for juniors.
  • and ranked in the top-10 national ranking U15 or U17.

The cost of the – 750 euro (hotel + has included) or 500 euro (Squash Club + has included), must be paid to 1 July 2018 year on the recipient's name: Racket Dome sports club.

Bank: Raiffeisenbank Stmk
WERE GOING: AT29 3800 0000 0433 4561

For reservations contact: Edward Stepanek (e.stepanek@a1.net, Phone. +43 650 9228385).

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