DPD Dutch Junior Open traditionally was the last tournament in the international calendar of the European, also known as the Grand Final. For the first thirty years of the tournament has been added to the category 11 years. 17 boys and 14 girls presented in the youngest category, looks like, Now it will become permanent!

AT 2018 year international tournament takes place from 12 by 15 July in Amsterdam, Games began on Thursday (12.07.2018) and will last for 3 consecutive days ... .nas find a lot of squash! A total of about 400 juniors from around the world gathered at the club Frans Otten Stadion, to compete for the first place in ten categories.

In the European tournament Super Series will play six of our juniors - Bushma Alina, Power Tverdohleb, Julius Laukart, Daria Smirnova, Julia Zhukovets and Nadezhda Usenko.

In the first round of three of our athletes go to the second round and will continue to play for prizes in their categories. Absolute victory with a score of 3:0 in the first match earned Julia Zhukavets, Nadezhda Usenko and Alina Bushma.

Complete game in the main grid in step 1 round 17/24 seyannye Power Tverdohleb (GU15) and Daria Smirnova (GU17), skvoshistki lost in the first match of his rivals and will now compete for the 17-24 a place in their respective categories. Behind the girls involved in the fight for 33-64 a place Julius Laukart (BU17).

We are waiting for the start of game 2 round 11:20 (by local time) and we hope to continue yesterday's victory.

We wish our athletes luck, victories and good results. Watch online games for the Dutch Junior Open 2018 You can link on YouTube!

Grid and schedule the tournament Dutch Junior Open 2018.

© Anna Tesleva

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