In Prague today and 19 January will pass a series of SS Tournament, which will be attended by Ukrainian athletes.

Czech Junior Open 2020 again included in the high-end European table tournaments Junior ESF, the so-called Super Series. Thanks to the numerous participation of players, He became the fifth largest tournament of 28 organized in Europe. This year the tournament apply for a record number of athletes – 290 best of skvoshistov 35 countries of the world, among them 18 Athletes from Ukraine.

Athletes will compete for medals in ten age categories. According to the standings of the Junior International Tournament SS, in individual competitions will represent Ukraine – Christina Begeba (GU13), Alexander Babiy (GU11), Victoria Donik (GU11), Yelizaveta Giric (GU17), Anastasia Creekn (GU13), Nikita Khlus (BU13), Olga Kotova (GU15), Nikita Nedilko (BU17), Artem Panchenko (BU13), Oleg Pozdnyakov (BU17), Timofey Radionov (BU15), Dmitry Shcherbakov (BU15), Yegor Shcherbakov (BU11), Matthew Tymoshchuk (BU17), Vladislava Tverdohleb (GU17), Milena Velichko (GU15), David Zaicenko (BU11), Sofia Zrazhevskaya (GU15).

In addition to the famous Hector Sport Centre players will take to the courts even in the Squash Bowling Centrum (SBC) и Squashpoint. Tournament organizers promise live broadcast on

In the first game day three of Ukrainian skvoshistov hold on 1 match. Today in the Czech Junior Open play Nikita Nedilko, sportsman plays without seeded number. His first opponent will be the Croatian Jan Cerovac [9/16].

Oleg Pozdnyakov (BU17) and Matthew Tymoshchuk (BU17) sown under 17/32 number. We expect them to start and look forward to good results. Today, our children will have to overcome a barrier in the form of rivals from the Czech Republic Daniel Svoboda and Frenchman Quentin Dupenloup, respectively. We hope, that luck will be on our side in the evening.

© Anna Tesleva

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