9 April (on Saturday) our juniors have finished their games at the tournament Croatian Junior Open in Zagreb. Recall, that our young skvoshisty – Dmitry Shcherbakov (10 years) and Ostap Biljana (9 years) We played in the category up to 13 years, Dmitry Pogrebnyak (18 years) – I participated in the category of 19 years.

By the way, Dima and Ostap were the youngest participants, but this did not prevent them absolutely to be worthy opponents for the players in the age category BU13. As a result of Friday's games Dima Shcherbakov ml. and Ostap Bilyaevu on Saturday had to fight for 9-16 seats. Beating players five friends met in the finals on the court and is now played each other for the rally 9 seats. In a tense game with a score of 3-1 (11-8 8-11 11-8 11-7) Dima wins and takes pride 9 a place, Ostap accordingly takes 10 place possible 18.

Dmitry Pogrebnyak beating Friday Ivan Krznarić (Croatia) with the score 3-0, as well as on Saturday Viktor Milosavljević (Croatia) with the score 3-1 It takes pride 3 place in the tournament Croatian Junior Open.

We are proud of our juniors, and congratulations on the excellent results!

tournament results Croatian Junior Open.

author: Anna Tesleva

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