Legendary Cup Pioneer got its new name Cologne Juniorcup last year along with a new tournament director. Cup Junior Cologne once again became one of the most popular tournament among juniors in the world. After the end of reception of applications for the current year, there were about 350 Participating players.

The largest number of applications were received from the US, 54 Americans are taking part in the German tournament, Next comes France – she has 40 players, and closes the top three of the tournament hostess – Germany 23 participants.

"We look forward to the start of the tournament, where we will again meet players from around the world. Preparing for the tournament is going well and on schedule ", – says Udo Thasler, Tournament director, President of the Federation of squash North Rhine-Westphalia. This year's international tournament takes place from 5 by 9 of July in Cologne, on the territory of the club ACR - Sportcenter-Köln.

As for Ukraine…..in an international tournament category super series will participate in more than two juniors compared to 2017 Year - to Julia Laukartu, participant of last year's tournament, join Bushma Alina, Belikov Yefim, Anna Gulyaeva, Tverdohleb Vladislav, Usenko Nadia and Julia Zhukovets.

The first to go to court to be Kharkov Efim Belikov [25/32], Junior played in qualifying BU19 categories for access to the main draw of the tournament against the Swiss Till Oertli [33/64]. The match will be held today (05.06.2018) at 17:40 by local time.

Bushma Alina (GU19), Usenko Nadia (GU19), Julius Laukart (BU17), Julia Zhukovets (GU17) and Vlad Tverdohleb (GU15) Played for output in 2 round tomorrow in their categories, when they start playing the major players of the tournament.

But a spokeswoman for the lowest category of the tournament GU13 Anna Gulyaeva join the fight for the top places on the third day of the tournament.

We wish our athletes luck, victories and good results. Grid and schedule the tournament Cologne Junior Open 2018.

© Anna Tesleva

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