Squash_BallSquash ball is made from two pieces of rubber, are glued together, forming sphere, polished to a matte flat surface. There are different kinds of balls for temperature and atmospheric pressure, as well as the standards of the game: professional players use a "slow" balls. These balls have less bounce, they tend to fade in the corner of the court, It is making harder the kick.
Athletes warm up the ball, making a series of attacks against the wall before the game. During the game the ball is heated even more, and the game becomes more complicated and accelerated.

Small colored dots indicate the degree and the ball rebound, Consequently, style game, for which it is suitable. There are some colors, which determines the level of rebound:

  • Blue - fast, very strong rebound
  • Red - Medium, bounce
  • A yellow dot - slow, weak rebound
  • Two yellow points - very slow, very weak rebound

Balls are manufactured by companies such as: Dunlop, Prince, Pointfore, Wilson.

Dunlop ball with two yellow dots at the moment is the official at all tournaments.


squahracquets_300There is a huge range of squash rackets. They all differ by weight, the balance, strung surface area and shape. The most popular manufacturers: Dunlop, Prince, Harrow, Karakal, Technofibre, Head, Wilson. Selecting the racket is different for everyone and depends on personal feeling of comfort when igre.Dlya beginners the best option is to go to a local club, in which there is a shop, and ask a few Racket for comparison, that it was possible to understand the differences and choose the racket, which is most suitable for your preference.


squash_glassFor beginners it is recommended, and for children is mandatory to use special goggles to avoid injury.