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(a rookie championship) – Everything is relative. I otezdil year for the European tournament among juniors, I was in Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, I saw the children, who take part in them. I saw the pyramid, hierarchy of youth squash in these countries, the transition from start-up to the age of five juniors, adults, players held. And it was very nice to see, that the same process occurs in our country. 15380724_674728026038514_4725662334204926159_nThis very lestnichku of children, who are just learning to hold the racket in his hands, commuting to a level, which are the same Artur Sikora, Daniel slutty, who can demonstrate a truly professional squash. I was glad to see the children, who look at these guys, as "stars", seeking to be the same, they - and even better. This is the starting point, where all age groups are looking at each other, mature players, athletes. It managed to collect children from all regions of Ukraine - Lviv, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Kherson, Kiev, etc.. They came to this tournament and create a true combat-ready team of children's squash, which exists in Ukraine today. It is most important, I would like to point. Now we need to maintain this level of our school, enhance and exaggerate its.

(on the mood of participants) - I have often heard from participants in phrases like: "I've never played with Dima Shcherbakov", "I've never played with Sikora". And these words were spoken not due to "fright" lose, a, conversely, because of the desire to play with players on one court, test their strength. The fact that they are simply inspired, this is largely the work of even the coaches. 15349608_674724052705578_3687016326378038217_nbreakwater, Yes, Shcherbakov, Sikora, lecherous, Bushma more, but they train, work longer hours, more regularly, and therefore play better. And you should also strive for this - all at your fingertips. Children's Academy established in all the clubs in different cities of Ukraine, doors are always open for children, squash can be practiced professionally. And the guys are engaged in this sport, today tend to take one or two points in the fight against more experienced players, subsequently to learn to win games in more masterovityh rivals. Take the same Alina BUSM - most of the girls it was nice at all be on the same court with the first number of the European rankings. Do not just go out with her on the court, but also play against it! 15390888_674726396038677_7614595163635477221_nNicely, that exhibition match Derek Ryan against Alex Houha gathered less people, than finals Artur SikoraDaniel slutty and Dmitry Scherbakov ml. – Maxim Fedin. And as spectacular as our junior game almost as good as meeting leading figures of world squash. And the game Ryan / Gouh came adults, but at the junior finals bleachers were packed with children is. Probably, this is the main highlight of the championship - when you want to see not in the foreign masters, while the tech, who in the future will be able to prove the strength of the Ukrainian school of squash. I think, category U-13 - this is our backbone of the national team of Ukraine through some five or six years, boys, and girls.

(the work of mentors) - Were there any difficulties for masterovityh players charged with such anti, but less experienced competitors? I can only say to your son. Yes, He first round was fairly easy (when viewed in a row), but I have seen, that the goal was to fight for every ball in front of his opponent's coach. 15380593_674724759372174_8885375414289872804_nguys understood, Dima - the first rank number in their age category, and each won his ball is worth a gold medal, because we fought to the last in any raffle. Before him there was a problem to miss as little as possible, in front of them - take away as much as possible. I am glad, they did not give up and were able to create of more experienced opponent. I remember, as a coach Arthur Ernest Sitnickogo Usenko said his charge: "Come out and beysya for every ball! You just seem, that the opponent is stronger than you ". Yes, Arthur lost with a score of 1:11, 2:11, but I fought to the last, and any disappointments after the defeat he had. He was proud of it, that managed to take all three points in this struggle. And in the same vein were other meetings - and in other categories.

(about an exhibition match) - Demonstration of the game between the legendary skvoshistami Alex Gouhom (Wales) and Derek Ryan (Ireland), they played on a Sunday afternoon before the main finals, not full of crazy speed. But it showed young skvoshistam concept mastery, tactical training, It gave food for thought and children, and their coaches - What should learn in their work. No wonder these skvoshisty were once fifth and seventh numbers in the world ranking. In the past they were considered the strongest players in the world, and now show a very high quality squash.

(on the development of children's squash) - Another highlight of this tournament, I would have called the number of participants. Ninety players - this is a record. Note, what could be more, just not all were able to get there - someone is ill, someone could not. 15284162_674729802705003_3557505153757920320_nThe first championship of Ukraine could gather more than a hundred players among juniors. And for the debut of the championship - it's mega-success. Collect a number of children on the ground in the history of the championship - it is something. I recall those years, when children's tournament came on ten children, then twenty - and then we have already considered, it strongly. Then the baby squash initiative has gone from "Petroholding Squash Club", now is the development in Ukraine. Already there are many different clubs, have coaches, have children with glowing eyes - and it shows, that squash becomes interesting and accessible everywhere and to everyone. Regardless of age and capabilities - it would wish. This is a road in the right direction.

(plans for the future) - Thanks so well the championship, and the support Alihodzhi Akhmedova initiative that, that children's tournaments must be separate competitions, now acquired a larger scale. I, as a representative of the network of fitness centers «Sport Life», just saying, that next year will hold two large children's tournament in Odessa and Kiev - namely children. Hope, that we can organize them as the stages of the Cup of Ukraine among juniors (separately from II Individual Championship). I have already submitted an application to the federation and hope for a positive decision on the FSO in the preparation of calendar 2017.

circle-1Inna Sikora:

(the organization of competitions) - I have spent many years in squash, but this tournament has impressed me. He really "level", all organized, elaborately. Time exhibited the results of matches, grid, I did not have to run, something to find out, worked infrastructure. Children are not bored, We were in frenzy.

15380535_674726779371972_4101212930204267835_nthe, Kto junior, it was easier to survive defeat. Their psyche is recovering faster. Alihodzha Ahmedov they bring different gifts, distracted by unpleasant memories, and he did so, that they understand - everything passes, just need more practice, and the next time will be a victory. It was more difficult with older children - there is a greater risk of "break" in psychological terms. There may not always help the parents - it means more job coach. I was glad to, both with their wards worked their mentors, including Denis Rajtarovskij. They found the right, words of cheer. This is the real work of a coach - not only to teach, but also the right incentives.

(the overall level of the participants) - Naturally, in this championship were favorites. But the rest of the guys had a level of training. And what a pleasure - they are all moving in the right direction. Most of all I liked the fact, that the children's tournament brought together so many young skvoshistov, that truly breathe in this sport. And I do not even consider those, who is ill and just could not come - and to do so would have been a sensation. Does not matter, compared with previous children's tournament, the number of participants was very high. it is significant.

(the victory of Arthur Sikora) - Admit, I, how is your mom, did not want to let him at this championship - Arthur had a fever. But he said,: "I have so much to give, to reach the top of this - and I have to achieve it ". Yet Arthur gave no rest squash five years of his life, He engaged them on vacation, sometimes I missed school for training… Now he 16 years, and next year he will not be able to play at the junior championship of Ukraine. He was important this victory, and he made it. Thus showing, what, if you want to achieve something, that for this there are no barriers.

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