Without reducing the pace Committee on Ukrainian Squash Federation Refereeing develops its beginnings. 19-21 August g. Odessa was one more seminar for the level "Judge Jr. / token", and new judges join the ranks of arbitrators.

Through practice and experience accumulated, of course, the efforts of the lecturer They Kowalska, at this seminar all students, without exception, from the first attempt successfully passed testing, means, that the quality of teaching materials is growing and developing.

Students of this seminar was lucky. although the case, rather, calculating the correct. The practical part of the training of judges has fallen to very large-scale event, the squash - five thousand meters on the sea coast - Zenit Black Sea Open 2016. In the tournament held a huge number of games in parallel on multiple courts, with the different level and age players, which made it possible for all judges to immediately apply their knowledge to practice. To judge the finals of PSA and PRO in the official status, even if marker, this is a very exciting experience.

Participants noted, that knowledge, received at the seminar, allow for a fresh look at the game, better understand the complex game moments, confidently justify their decision rules, instead of guesswork and intuition.

Iconic part of the seminar was the presence of a representative of the junior. Glad to see, that the younger generation is willing to proactively and develop not only in the game, but in judging.

Meet the newly minted judges:

  1. Sergey Kharchenko
  2. Victoria Sebov
  3. Natalia Sergeeva
  4. Turitsyn Igor
  5. Julius Laukart
  6. Kadibash Julia
  7. Andrey Gulyaev
  8. Dudnikova Victoria

The case for small. It remains to turn out the practical part of the missing and to receive the official status of the judges.

Separately, I want to thank Artem Kurgina, which the, as always, I did not stand aside and helped in organizing the event.

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