British Junior Championships will be held in Birmingham, England, from 3 by 7 January 2018 of the year.

The purpose of this note – discuss with the current judges of the National Federation of Ukraine, whether anyone is interested in refereeing at this championship (“English squash "seeks to encourage the European judges to participate in this event”).

Apartment clearance will be conducted for judges, who require accommodation. Assistance will also be provided to judges, travel great distances, who require accommodation the night before the designated start day. Referee, selected from outside the UK, They will be provided with accommodation for the duration of their appointment, but will be responsible for all shipping costs.

If our referees interested, we would appreciate, if you asked the FSU office to clarify all details. Make a response to Martin Roberts is necessary to Tuesday 14 November.

Phone FSO: +38 (044) 359-09-55.

Email FSU:

Email Martin Roberts:

This is an exceptional opportunity to speak at the event, which will present the best juniors in the world.

Application for participation in refereeing at the tournament British Junior Open 2018.

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