Dear players in squash!

Dear Denis homestead.

FSU could not leave unanswered your comments. Thank you for your questions raised, submitted for discussion. We ask all, who are interested in issues related to the activity of the Federation and the development of squash in Ukraine, write your questions and comments on our official website, for a timely response to them and respond accordingly. For each question, answer below.

  1. There is some misunderstanding between the judges and players. Why? because each situation is changing judges' decisions, Even if the situation is the same.

Answer: There are no identical situations – Different solutions are allowed in a similar situation, depending on the: level players, moment of the match (First or fifth game differ greatly on the dynamics), Data earlier in the match recommendations, the general recommendations of the Judicial Commission of the World Squash Federation on the season.

  1. Judges behave, as if we do not know the rules and try to show them, the players did not reckon with the opinion of the judges, and they make a fundamental decision, rigid and not respectful to the player, motivating formulaic explanations rules.

Answer: The decision can not be disrespectful, TC judges make decisions solely within rules, established World Squash Federation. Template explanation - is a mandatory attribute of the behavior and conduct of a judge of the match, Rules set by the World Squash Federation. There is a list of phrases, approved by the WSF for an explanation of the decision. «Dialogue must be kept to a minimum, and decision may not be debated”, meaning "Dialogue must be kept to a minimum, and the decision can not be discussed ".

  1. whether the work is carried out to identify the judge errors, their intimidation and judges responsible for a wrong decision? judge what- degree must also be punished as a player.

Answer: Most controversial decisions discussed and studied by the judges at the weekly FSU Judges' club to identify errors or to determine the correct solution.

Also, the judge FSU regularly pass various tests for judging and view multiple matches in a passive judging system. Take the initiative to be able to judge in other cities and countries.

A good judge - this is not the judge, who does not make mistakes, and that, who errs less.

The world has no concept of the responsibility for the judges decision, but this does not mean that, that the Federation will not require confirmation in theory and practical knowledge of certified judges. revalidation will be introduced and each certified judge will take it in a timely manner.

But to improve the quality of refereeing in Ukraine, Squash Federation of Ukraine will develop a system in which, players will be able to apply to the Chief Justice of the competition with a request to trace the competence of certain judges, and Chief Justice, in its turn, decide on the necessary measures in relation to a judge.

  1. The judge can not say I did not see the ball or me that it hurt during the game to see the episode. Then I seriously if, it is not necessary yet difficult to judge the game.

Answer: Then go back to the point 2 - Players do not know rules – and this is a question confirms – We offer to read the rules, not to discredit themselves in such a way. “The judge must: 10.6.5 if you blow Judge not sure was right – appoint a replay,” – under it should be understood there was no visibility, there is no clear certainty and etc.. This is normal and at the global level such solutions are quite a few.

Yet we must not forget, that our judges are sometimes not easy to make decisions due to misfit room for judging, moving your audience and the absence of video repeats.

  1. In the championship of Ukraine. Tournament Regulations not in my interest at the moment for the people, meaning fans. Even if it took federation, it was necessary to notify the parties, or to bring to the discussion. If another format is not satisfied with the sports ministry, then, too, it was necessary to inform the say so and so, on another championship does not hold. whether definitely assigned rank players, which come under this category, or will be so in past times, It is written in the regulations, but in fact none of the players do not have them.

Answer: Ukraine- Championship this nationwide competition, according to the provisions about Unified sports classification of Ukraine, which are recorded in a single calendar of Youth and Sports Ministertsva.

Championship - this is the official competitions among the strongest sportsmen of the country. Regulations of the Championship of Ukraine was drawn up and approved by the Committee on the organization of tournaments FSO in accordance with the laws and orders of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Once again, we apologize for the delay in informing the players of the competition changed format, associated with long approval process.

With regard to the assignment of the title of the players, in past years, this procedure was not possible due to non-compliance established by the Ministry of youth and sports rules. We hope, that this year we will be able to implement the task.

  1. Terms of command players. If all observe as it is written, the game will be boring. What not to do, do not look back, plus all penalties. Here bust, in my opinion. No one has repealed the behavior on the court, but to drive into the framework of the player, just as bad.

Answer: Let's go on the reverse and imagine for a moment, that no rules exist. Players on the court, the situation is quite tense and controversial. During the game watching from the audience is large enough to. On the court the players start to argue, dispute turns into Ohr using foul language, since everything on emotion. And even more interesting is all, if the players start box directly on the court. Here is a sight and quite bored. After all the "fights" the judge makes a decision, of course in favor of one of the players, and the other does not like it. What makes a player? Correctly, He throws his entire vocabulary arsenal of foul language towards the referee. And as there is no rigid framework for the players, He is able to squeal on the head with a racket. What? prohibitions do not have! Everything is allowed! And that turns out? In the chaos! Now playing, and tomorrow no one will want to play in tournaments, as it is to think, what a disputable situation can get in the face or head, because no one and no one drives in the frame. And if we talk about the younger generation, children look at a situation with no frames and restrictions, learn all this. Then go to international tournaments and that? And then, that behave like the older generation behaves. Not to be confused with professional sports entertainment show "House 2".

We also offer to get acquainted with PSA regulations, there all disciplinary penalties are described in detail, which apply to all, without exception, the world players.

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