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We invite all lovers of squash tournament 5 Element Squash Cup 2017, which will be held in Kiev 10-11 June 2017 of the year on the squash courts of the club "5th Element".

state tournament 5 Element Squash Cup 2017.

Grids and tournament schedule 5 Element Squash Cup 2017.

tournament results 5 Element Squash Cup 2017.

Place and time:

Kiev, ul.Elektrikov 29 A, in the club "5 Element" on the territory of 4 courts.

10.06.2017 - Pick-up games in all categories;

11.06.2017 - Finals.


  1. Men (Pro, Elite, M1, M2, M3).
  2. Women (Lady, Lady-2, Lady-3).

Formation of the categories of 8 human.

Timing and submission of application:

To participate in the tournament you need to 07.06.2017 fill out an application or send to e-mail: and to make the participation fee.

Entry fee:

  1. Pro, Elite, M1, M2, M3 -500 UAH.
  2. Lady, Lady-2, Lady-3 – 400грн.

Payable upon registration at the reception Desk or on the payment card Privat24 No. 5168 7556 1668 6453 Tantalus Sergey. The purpose of the payment: compete in squash (date tournament), FULL NAME. member.

The prize fund:

Winners piled diplomas, medals and prizes. The prize pool in the Pro category - 5 000 UAH (the prize pool distribution):

1 a place - 2 500 UAH;

2 a place - 1 500 UAH;

3 a place - 1 000 UAH.

The organizers of the tournament:

Drandalush Sergey bodies. +38 067 555 15 91.

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