We invite everyone to take part in the 1st closed Kiev region championship, which will be held in Kiev 8 February 2020 of the year.

The position of the first closing of the tournament championship of Kyiv region.

Results of the tournament first indoor championship of Kyiv region.

Place and date of event:

c. Kiev, ul.Elektrikov 29-A, club "5 Element".

8 February 2020:
09:00 - check in, competition opening. Detailed information will be communicated to all participants after the preparation of grids.


  • men - 32 member;
  • Women - 16 participants.

Cost of participation:

  • 500 UAH. for athletes, with sports license and are associate members of the Federation;
  • 600 UAH. for athletes, with sporting license, but which are not associate members of the Federation;
  • 700 UAH. for athletes, do not have a sports license, and non-affiliated members of the Federation. This fee includes a one-time sports license and provides the possibility of rating points for the championship of Ukraine (on the other competitions are not covered).

Card number: 4731 2196 1275 8544. Recipient: Ohonesian Alona. Registration fee, you are welcome, be sure to consider the commission and in the payment include the following information: “Full name + ZCK ".

Note, that 2018 FSO, all participants must have an official competition license player!

Timing and submission of application:

Applications for participation in the championship athlete accepted to 4 February (23:59) 2020. Fill in online form member!


Athletes, who took 1, 2, 3 Championship places will be awarded with medals and diplomas of corresponding degrees.

Organising Committee:

Event Director - Alyona Ogonesyan.
Chief Justice - Sergey Drandalush.
competition secretary - Pavlyuk Anna.

Inquiries by e-mail: director@squash.ua

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