On the National junior team of Ukraine.

Squash Federation of Ukraine is a clear and deep conviction, that the coach of the national junior team should be, including, responsible and serious person, with sufficient experience travel beyond Ukraine, which can be trusted to physical and moral health of juniors, their safety, timely correct nutrition, a man who can provide healthy teaching and coaching between games, filling sound entertainment between games, timely arrival at the appropriate location, moral stability in stressful situations, communication with English-speaking judges and organizers if necessary, etc.

In order to identify individuals who are willing to engage their skills for implementation of quality and organization of preparatory and training phase, support, mentoring and support our juniors on a trip outside Ukraine, Ukraine Squash Federation was announced the admission plan to consider appropriate applications.

so, persons responsible for organizing the preparatory phase of training,, support, mentoring and support our juniors on a trip to international competition, As a result of processing all applications submitted plan in compliance with the terms and requirements of, Ukraine Squash Federation in accordance with all the rules regulating this choice is selected Ribalchenko Constantine and Bulgakov Alexander.

Junior Team, which will have the opportunity to properly introduce you our State of Ukraine at the official team championship for European players in the age group 15-17 years will not receive ranking points ESF, organized by the European Squash Federation and the organization that manages the development and implementation of both national squash, and local level in the UK – England Squash, which will be held in the UK in Nottingham from 7 by 10 May 2020 will be presented Dmitry Shcherbakov (younger), Timothy Radionova, Glushchenko Lukyan, Olga Kotova, Velichko Milena.

Given the above, Welcome all the squash community to support our juniors Ukraine, Parents of young athletes, which will represent Ukraine at international competitions, Please give correct guidance to the trip, To our young athletes were able to play their best game and as a result raise the State Flag on a pedestal winners. We are convinced that coordinated the process of preparing our juniors will make a stronger both physically and morally and provide many useful new experiences, skills and abilities.

Also, take this opportunity, want to ask all of our community squash Ukraine actively join the common cause - the overall development of squash in Ukraine.

Regards, Ukraine Squash Federation.

We work - more than.

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