AT 2019 , an international squash tournament category Super Series held in Belgium with 31 October 3 November in Antwerp. Our juniors start the competition today in the afternoon. More 190 juniors from around the world gathered at the squash club Flemish Squash Center, to compete for first place in the 8 categories.

The international tournament Belgian Junior Open 2019 will play members of the national junior team [3/4] Dmitry Shcherbakov and [5/8] Radionov Timofey.

14-summer Dmitry Shcherbakov, 5 international rating racket, multiple winner of various European and national tournaments is once again play on the courts of Belgium (after 2 of the year) and try to keep and even improve your score. Recall, that Dmitry behind 4 place on BJO2017 in the boys category up 13 years. Dmitry Shcherbakov seeded 3/4 number. His first opponent will be Frenchman Julien Audras.

14-summer Radionov Timofey as stated in the main draw of the competition where he received 5/8 seeded. First – Dutchman Samuel Gerrits. Radionov begin their way to a tournament in Belgium, at the same time Shcherbakov, where his opponent will be the Swiss Max Lautrette.

We are waiting for the start of the first round games 18:10 (Kyiv time) and we believe in today's victory. We wish our athletes luck, victories and good results.

Grid and schedule the tournament Belgian Junior Open 2019.

© Anna Tesleva

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