In Kiev, finished the individual championship of Ukraine 2018. The second consecutive year the tournament is not held in separate categories, as well - among men and women. That best corresponds to the international standards. leadership of the federation and the players themselves have already seen, that such events cause each of the participants as thoroughly as possible to carry out the preparation for each game - it does not matter, there is a struggle for a medal or a place in the second half of the standings.

Talking about, that this year's favorites were known in advance, and in the semifinal it was the leaders of planting is not necessary. This championship has become very unpredictable than any of the previous twelve!

Unexpected and intriguing at the same time was the appearance on the five-time champion of Ukraine tournament Denis homestead. We have until the end of doubt whether an athlete can participate in the tournament, Are doctors allowed such loads due to injury….but the strength of spirit and persistence were not allowed to homestead miss the national championship and this time,. Even though there has not been without surprises! In a very tense struggle 5/8 seyanny Jaroslav Bahamas I could select the place in the final at the hitherto acting champion Denis homestead Ukraine. Although to do so would not only extremely, reaching the semi-finals of the former champion has conceded on 3 games in the long-term 5 geymovom match score (11-7, 9-11, 13-15, 11-5, 11-6). This is a sport, which once again proves the high number of crops and a lot of practice – not always a guarantee of victory.

Women have been playing a more predictable, women's player of the national team of Ukraine Nadezhda Usenko He won the national title in 2018 year, managing to beat in the final match Alina BUSM. Here it worked correct tactics for combating: after winning two games in a Nadia afford to take a breather in the third, and then he fell on an opponent with such pressure, that forced her to surrender practically from the start of the party. In the same time Valery Fedoruk It has become a two-time champion of Ukraine, repeating his triumph 2015 of the year – beating in the final match Jaroslav score Bagan 3:0. This match was the culmination of the competition and, which lasted for three long days!

Konstantin Rybal'chenko and Denis homestead

Master class on the tournament and given eternal friends and rivals first seyanny Konstantin Rыbalychenko from Denis homestead in the game for the bronze medal, only five games were played in the meeting for the third place. Denis homestead conceded in three games the team captain, but nonetheless showed, what, despite the circumstances, You need to stay in the fight and show your character.

No less indicative of the game and turned the women's category-pro players. The medal matches was able to see the principal opposition in the best traditions of his between Liana Sardak and Anastasia Kostyukova. The former champion of Ukraine 2017 the year gave way to a huge margin in the first game on points the first racket of Ukraine in the national rankings Anastasia Kostyukova with the score 11-2, 11-3 and only in the third game to put the squeeze minimum gap glasses to mark 11-6.

Champions of Ukraine 2018 identified. Now it's time to determine the composition of the participants, which will represent Ukraine at the individual, team and club European and world championships.

Results of the tournament championship of Ukraine 2018.

© Anna Tesleva

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