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In the overall standings absolute “gold” tournament champion of the world World Masters It became Australia. The final day of the tournament series "Masters" squash in the United States has developed successfully for the reigning champions of Europe Australian Jeffrey Davenport, which acts in the category of older 60 years. Devyenport He brought "gold" of their country at this tournament and earned a record 6 world title.

A representative of the country will get a medal in the senior category 45 years, It was clear even before the battle. The final dobralisy Australian Sarah Fitsdzheralyd, winner of five world championships, and Susan Davis. Victory was celebrated Fitzgerald, which earned the third prize in the W45 category.

"I like this kind of sport, I play squash with childhood ", – tales Fitsdzheralyd, now vice president of the WSF. one factor, I became the oldest professional sports and retired, does not mean, that I can no longer continue to play. In me still has the fire, burning inside, and I think, what all “old people” professionals play here are the same as I, and it is important to see, that they are still in service and can win. As we all know, we can get a little older and slower, but the game will still exist. When we see, that former professionals reach the final in this tournament, it is primarily due to the incredible combination of knowledge and practice acquired skills.

"I've met on the courts “Masters” so many extraordinary people, who spend a lifetime in the sport, and I was so pleased to be able to bring back the feeling. All former professionals, who participate in the World Cup, here because, they like it, and, I hope, everything else like to watch them play ".

Recall, more 750 record players 63 countries competed in the 15th World Masters, organized in McArthur squash center in the sports club Boar Head in Charlottesville, which presents 19 male and female categories of 35 to 80+ years.

Players from Australia led the medal standings at the end of World Masters 2018, Australians six gold medals, who won skvoshisty Sarah Fitsdzheralyd in the W45 category, Brett Martin (M55), Susan Hillier (W55), Jeffrey Davenport (M60), Guy Mitchell (W65), Brian Cook (M70).

On the second line of England with five gold medals. The third place is shared by Canada and the US, who have two gold medals. At the fourth position we are in the Netherlands, South Africa, Ireland and the Cayman Islands, which have one "gold".

Results of the tournament World Masters 2018.

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