In order to ensure quality training National Team Squash, namely:

  • National men's team to travel to the European Championship (15-18 April 2020 year);
  • National women's team to travel to the European Championship (29 April- 2 May 2020 year);
  • National junior team to 15 years in European Championship (7-10 May 2020 year).

Ukraine Squash Federation announces the opening reception for review plan appropriate training programs for national team. Given the above, Enter a term to 10 January 2020 year, all coaches, who are qualified, and willingness to act as a trainer respective national team, e-mail us following:

  1. Motivation Letter coach (why you);
  2. Detailed plan an appropriate training program for national team, which should include:
  1. The name of the program indicating the team (Men / Women / Junior);
  2. Hourly training schedule indicating exercises and results, that such exercises will be achieved (the result corresponds coach);
  3. The budget of the preparations for the respective team with appropriate justification.

Stresses, plan training programs relevant national team, shall be set out in DOC or PDF format and sent by e-mail (marked in the subject line "plan-coach training program LFM") to 10 January 2020.

On the result of examining applications and choose the coach Squash Federation will inform Ukraine 14 January 2020 year.

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