On behalf of the Greek and European Squash Federation are pleased to invite you to coaching course ESF level 2, which will be held 2 – 5 November 2017 in Athens, Greece.

The course fee is 300 €, all payments are made at the expense of the European Squash Federation:

No account – 0040719288.

WERE GOING – AT062040400040719288.


The course is part of the training of trainers program WSF, so participants must register your site SPIN world Federation as a candidate for L2 coach and make the payment in the amount of 25 £. You are welcome, make all necessary actions before the course starts. If you have any problems with registration, you can ask for help on this mail address – michael.khan@europeansquash.com.

Period of time:

The course will begin on Thursday 10:00 and will end on Sunday 14:00.


Participation in the training can take those candidates, who had previously successfully completed level 1 European or world federation, or other similar course conducted by the national federation and approved by the coaching committee ESF.

Requirements for a candidate

The study before the course: Course participants should examine the list of common themes. Candidates should understand the terms before you begin to level training 2. You can download the form from the list of topics in the category “coaching” the global federation website, as soon as you check in.

Targets at the end of the course: To successfully pass the training the candidate will have to make a 4-week training plan and send it to the tutor or assessor within 2 months after the course.

The position and the application for participation in the coaching course ESF level 2.

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