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In Italy Riccione an international tournament category “Grand Prix” squash “Italian Junior Open 2018”. The competition was attended by six Ukrainian juniors. Only medal brought from Kiev Ukraine Timothy Radionov, who first won a silver medal.

Timothy suffered one defeat in the final, but still confidently defeated opponents during the tournament: beating at the beginning of the Swede Liam NORDSTRÖM score 3:0, and later also confidently figured out Jan MISLEJ of Slovenia and the Czechs David LINHART and Vojtech MARTINOVSKY.

Following the tournament Timothy Radionova – 12 victories and 3 defeat. Resident of Kiev for the first time in his career won the silver medal at such a strong international tournament. Alexey Shpak in BU15 category – It takes 27 a place.

The girls in the main draw of the tournament were Velichko Milena (GU13), Glushko Xenia (GU13), Takhtarova Anastasia (GU13), Girik Elizabeth (GU15), which were taken by the 6, 12, 13 and 19 seats.

© Anna Tesleva

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