On Saturday 12 October all over the world celebrates the Day of Squash!

The main objective of this festival is to attract new fans of this great game. Sport Life, as the largest network squash clubs in Ukraine this day 13.00 to 16.00 providing courts for beginners absolutely free!

On this day, on the territory of the squash courts, in the clubs Poznyaki, Teremki, Kuren?vka, Mayakovsky, lions UPA, Lviv Sykhiv, Herson, Odessa Tairova, Dnepr Glory, Poltava, Protasov, Lions Blockheads will be held mini tournaments and Master Classes for beginners absolutely free. I also, in the form of action on Saturday 12 October Sport Life sells squash guest card for all 1 UAH.

We ask all fans of squash actively invite their friends to try squash!!!

With a people need to take physical shape and a change of shoes. Trainers have to be with a light sole, which do not leave marks on the floor (non-marking). To issue the card to have your passport.

See you at the squash courts 12 October!!!

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